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Orders Closed

as of January 23, 2024


If you placed an order, Thank you!

You will receive more information regarding delivery at the end of April.

We also expect to have a small number of extra baskets and bedding plants available for purchase on delivery.
Baskets: "Sedona" and "Tradewinds".
Bedding Plants: "Salvia Wendy's Wish" and "Verbena x Lanai Sun".

***Cash or check only on delivery day!

The Weeders Garden Club is once again offering plants and hanging baskets from Long Island’s Beds & Borders wholesale nursery. The quality of their plants and their striking combinations result in containers and baskets that overflow with beauty almost instantly! Longtime gardeners agree that Beds & Borders creates the most beautiful and robust offerings they’ve ever seen.

We will be accepting orders only until January 22nd, so take a close look at our offerings; many are repeats, and some are new this time around.


In addition to treating yourself, these planters and collections make ideal gifts for those who would love an “instant garden” in May. There's Mother’s Day on May 12th and think about your upcoming birthdays and weddings. It's thoughtful one-stop shopping for any friends who are (or could be!) fond of plants and flowers!

The collections come in two sizes. The larger (perfect for 18”-20” planters) includes nine plants; the smaller collection has six. They arrive with potting instructions and can be divided up for smaller containers, as you wish. Beds & Borders’ 12-inch and 14-inch baskets (which can easily be plopped into your own containers by cutting off the hangers) are overflowingly full and highly recommended! And back by popular demand are four favorite already planted containers.

Delivery is in early May to a Weeders member’s property in Paoli. Pick-up is easy.

We offer easy Online Ordering (prices slightly higher with online order).

If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Cheston at or Jackie Burke at


Orders will be accepted until January 22nd.  You will be able to pick up your plants at a Weeder member's address in May.

*The Weeders is a member of the Garden Club of America and a 501c-3 organization. Proceeds of this sale will be used for community projects and conservation efforts.

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