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Admissions Procedure

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Steps for Proposing a candidate for membership

A garden club can only maintain its excellence by attracting enthusiastic, talented and personable new members. Every active member of The Weeders should understand her role as both diplomat and talent scout aimed at recruiting the women who will keep our 
group going strong for its second hundred years!

1-Introduce a prospective candidate
            A member should invite and accompany the potential candidate to at least two Weeders events (meetings and/or workshops) to introduce her to members and to see the club at work. A prospective member should be provided with the pamphlet "What It Means to Be a Weeder," and her proposer should explain The Weeders' longstanding philosophy of expectations, rather than requirements.

            The Proposer should make clear to the prospective member that active involvement in at least one integral committee (Horticulture, Conservation, Floral Design, and Community Service) and serving as a hostess for a regular meeting on a rotating basis are minimum expectations. At the same time, the proposer should convey that Weeders are sensitive to the vicissitudes of life, and that levels of involvement may of necessity change from time to time.

            If the prospect is enthusiastic, the Proposer starts the admission process.
2-Contact the Admissions Chair
            The Proposer will inform the Chair of the Admissions Committee that she wishes to propose a potential member. The Chair will inform the members of the Committee and ask for an informal vote to move forward, based on the information available. A member of the committee will contact the sponsor to confirm she understands the admission procedure and has made clear our expectations to the candidate before going further.

3-Obtain Letters of Support
            Five letters* (one from the proposer, one from a seconder, and three from supporters) will be gathered by the proposer and forwarded to the Admissions Chair for distribution to that committee and to the president for their consideration.
4-Candidacy is announced
            Following receipt of these letters, and with no objection from the Committee, the candidacy will be announced to the membership, either at the next scheduled meeting or via email. The proposing letter will be distributed to the membership via email.
            There follows a 30-day period during which any member may comment* on the proposal. If after 30 days** there are no objections, membership is confirmed and the Admissions Chair will inform the President.
5-The President informs the sponsor and welcomes the new member.
            The President will call the new member to welcome her and to encourage her to come to the next meeting.  She will contact her Sponsor to let her know her candidate has been accepted as a member. The Sponsor is responsible for inviting the new member to accompany her to the next scheduled meeting. Members who wrote in support are expected to especially welcome the new member.
            The President will send a letter of welcome, and make certain the new member receives a binder, inserts, and an online questionnaire, which is to be returned to the President and the Communications Committee.
*Email is considered a written communication.
**If the Admissions Chair and the President are in agreement, this period may be lessened by a few days in order to enable the member to attend the next meeting.

            A dues notice, which may be pro-rated by the President and Treasurer, will be sent.
Welcome Gathering 
            An informal gathering of Weeders may be planned, including the new member, her supporters, and other key Weeders, so that aspects of Weeders membership can be discussed and any questions may be addressed.
For any questions and a more in-depth explanation, please contact the Admissions Chair.
            The Admissions Committee is made up of six members in three classes. A class retires each year when two new members are added.
            The President appoints the Chairman, who may belong to any class.
            An Admissions Committee member should:

  • Be able to follow a prospective new Weeder through the Admissions process, from the initial vetting of the name through to acceptance as a new member.

  • Have computer skills necessary to receive and send emails, and work with attachments, as letters sent through via email are acceptable as written communication.

  • Attend meetings as often as possible to meet guests who might be potential members.

  • Be prepared to meet with Weeders wishing to propose new members to be sure they understand the process and the expectations that go with membership.

  • Try to encourage new membership in the Weeders and support new members. 


  • Attend meetings as often as possible.

  • Serve on committees.

  • Support activities of the club such as Civic Projects, Fertilizer Fund and Fund-Raisers.

  • Pay dues on time.

  • Hostess at meetings on a rotating basis.

            A member who has left in good standing (dues paid, etc.) may reinstate by following the procedure here stated:

  • Attend some meetings, perhaps with an active Weeder who could serve as sponsor.

  • Write a letter requesting reinstatement (emails are now acceptable as written correspondence), addressed to the Executive Committee.

  • Executive Committee and Admissions Committee will both vote to reinstate the member.

  • Dues will be prorated for the current year.

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