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The Philadelphia area is home to myriad garden clubs, and it is safe to say that each has its own personality. We, The Weeders, are known to be an an easy-going group with quite a diverse membership and very deep horticultural roots.           


We pride ourselves on taking a low-key approach with respect to demands on our members time. Over the years, most of us have had periods of intense involvement in Weeders activities as well as times of pulling back for a while. While we don’t hold to strict requirements, the rewards of being in a garden club are commensurate with the level of one’s participation.             


Some clubs have a provisional membership period, during which the prospective member and the club members get to better know one another. Full membership comes after a period of months or years. The Weeders do not take that approach, so we ask that the proposer and the proposed have a clear idea of what membership in The Weeders entails.             


We feel strongly that The Weeders have much to offer new members and that new members, with their rich backgrounds and experiences, have much to offer in return!

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