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Awards - makes recommendations to the Executive Committee and/or the Membership for Weeders who qualify for the various Club and GCA awards.       


Admissions/Mentoring - shepherds the application process and ensures new members feel welcome and get involved as soon as possible. A proposer is included on the committee for one year from date she proposes a new member. The other committee members are elected to a three-year term.       


Archives - organizes, catalogs and maintains records and minutes.        


Bulletin and Public Relations (GCA) - acts as liaison to the GCA to publicize news and activities of the Weeders.       


Christmas Sale - At each December meeting, members bring homemade comestibles, cut winter branches, holiday decorations, craft projects and assorted goods for sale to one another. The proceeds from the sale are used to fund community projects. Some of the winter greens are also used to make holiday tray table decorations for shut-ins.       


Club Flower Show - Weeders Flower Shows encompass three disciplines: horticulture, floral design and photography. All members are encouraged to exhibit, and novice classes are often included. The committee creates the schedules for the two or three intra-club shows each year, then sets up and staffs the show with clerks, passers, stagers, registrars and judges.       


Community Affairs -The Club takes on various community projects in the Philadelphia region, some of them short-term, others ongoing. All members are encouraged to participate as they are able.

Conservation/National Affairs & Legislation - The Conservation Committee investigates environmental projects for the committee/club members to act upon, and reports findings to the club at meetings; encourages members to adhere to good gardening practices; and keeps them updated on environmental issues. The Weeders delegate to the GCA’s National Affairs & Legislation Committee keeps members abreast of environmental legislation, both national and state, and may suggest action on bills before the legislature when appropriate and attends the annual meeting of the GCA Conservation and National Affairs Meeting in Washington, DC in February.        


Finance - works with the Club Treasurer on budget and financial matters.        


Garden History and Design - documents the written, graphic and photographic records of significant gardens belonging both to Weeders and others in the area and submits them to the Smithsonian Institution for permanent recording. Gardens so documented by The Weeders include those of Phyllis Williams in Gladwyne, David Culp in Downingtown, Sally Wood in Devon, Louise Carter in Devon, Penny Wike Watkins on Twinbrook Rd. in Berwyn,  Schuylkill Community Vegetable Garden in Philadelphia, Phoebe Driscoll in Ambler and the garden of Inta Krombolz Fox Hollow in West Chester Pa.        


*Horticulture - plans and executes hands-on workshops on a variety of topics such as seed-starting, propagation by cuttings, trough-making and pruning; works with the Program and Flower Show committees to coordinate activities.         


Nominating - identifies and recruits members for Officer positions and the Admissions Committee.         


Delegate to The Philadelphia Committee (PCGCA) - a Garden Club of America committee comprised of the GCA clubs in the Philadelphia area. A chief focus of this group is to raise funds from the member clubs, typically for seed money for urban horticultural projects.     


​Photography - designs the schedule for Flower Show photography classes and may hold workshops.  Also takes photos of Weeders meetings and events for inclusion on our website and for GCA submissions.

Print and Communications - requires skill in Word to create documents for the “Blue Book” and other printed materials. 

Program - This critical committee plans the meetings each year, including topics, speakers, venues and hostesses. Each member is expected to act as Meeting Chair for a meeting. All Weeders are expected to act as hostess on a rotating basis.         


Scholarship - identifies and recommends qualified individuals to the Executive Committee for GCA scholarship awards.         


Visiting Gardens - arranges occasional garden visits for members and their guests; may also arrange visits for members of other GCA clubs who are visiting this area.

Weeder Trips & Garden Tours - plans for club visits to local and other gardens on an occasional basis.

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