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There is no set schedule for workshops, but in a typical year there may be three or four on a wide variety of subjects. Regular topics include propagation, flower arranging, pruning and trough making. Such workshops offer the opportunity for learning and sharing, as well as for getting to know other members. These workshops build the needed skills and confidence for Weeders to enter club-only as well as outside flower shows.

Workshop signups will be available through the website each month.

Nitty Gritty

The annual dues are $200, which includes $62 for individual membership in the Garden Club of America. Your proposer can answer questions you may have about the GCA. Our fiscal year goes from July 1 to June 30. New members' dues are prorated.

Our group has considerable depth of knowledge in horticultural and design. We enjoy sharing our plants and knowledge with each other and welcome new members who contribute both diversity of background and areas of expertise.

* The Weeders is a tax-exempt organizationSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Weeders frequently exhibit in the Philadelphia International Flower Show, with entries ranging from individual plants or arrangements to larger exhibits, which require a team effort. This provides another avenue for getting to know club members. 


Gardeners who have been at it for any length of time eventually have too many plants. Many Weeders participate in spring and fall plant sales; some occasionally invite members to “come dig.”             


Club members are regularly active in community gardens, such as at the Hilltop House in Devon, the Strafford Train Station and the Gazebo Garden in Bryn Mawr. Help is greatly appreciated. This is another avenue for getting to know other members.           


New members are encouraged to participate and are assigned to committees based on their interests. The chief focuses of a garden club are horticulture, floral design, conservation and the environment and civic projects.


The Club holds a regular monthly meeting, typically on the second Tuesday, except in July and August. A speaker is usually featured, with broad-ranging topics generally related to horticulture, flower arranging and environmental issues.


Each year there are two or three intra-club flower shows with horticultural, floral design (flower arranging) and photography classes. These shows are both educational and entertaining. Members are expected to attend meetings and participate in flower shows whenever possible. Meetings are usually in the morning, but we occasionally gather for afternoon tea or for coffee and dessert in the evening.           


The November meeting is held jointly with the other area clubs affiliated with The Garden Club of America (the Philadelphia Committee of the GCA). It features a special speaker and a luncheon.             


The December meeting traditionally includes a sale of homemade holiday items, and members are urged to create, purchase, or both! Proceeds go toward community projects.       


Each Weeder serves as a hostess for a meeting, with one or two others, on a rotating basis. A hostess sets up tables and chairs and is responsible for food and beverages. Morning-only meetings typically involve coffee and pastries; two or three other meetings include a simple lunch, provided by the hostesses.

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