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Weeder Awards

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The Cadwalader Award — Given by Emma W. Cadwalader and presented to that member of the Weeders who makes the most entries, prize-winning or not, in arrangement classes in the club flower shows during the year. In case of a tie, the most accumulated points* will determine the winner.

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The Neophyte Bowl — Given by Mrs. Edgar Allan Poe and presented to that member of less than 7 years standing who has won the most points* in both design and horticultural classes. Points won in outside shows may also be included but outside points are not necessary to win. At least one entry must be in floral design classes during the year. If this award is won a total of three times by the same member, a token award will be presented to that member, who is no longer eligible for the award.

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Sweepstakes Award — Given in honor of Mrs. Carroll R. Wetzel to the Weeder who accumulates the greatest number of points* for exhibits horticultural and/or artistic (arrangements, photography, botanical arts) in non-Weeders shows.

The Horticultural Award — Presented to the Weeder accumulating the highest number of points* for horticultural entries in club shows. A minimum of 25 points is required.

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The Floral Design Award — Presented to the Weeder accumulating the highest number of points* for arrangement entries in club shows

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The Photography Award — Presented to the Weeder accumulating the highest number of points* for photographic entries in club shows. 

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Founders Cup — Presented each year to the Weeder who wins the most points* for all classes in our own club shows.

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Trusty Trowel Award — An award voted on by the Executive Committee and presented to an individual who has quietly and frequently taken on that which needs doing, for those that need help, enabling Weederdom to be the best that it can be.

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Katherine L. Biddle Memorial Award — Given by Henry Keep in memory of his mother, and presented to a Weeder who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, has performed a most important service to the community.

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Esther Lloyd Morton Award — An award that may be given annually to a current member of the Weeders who, in the opinion of Club members, has accomplished an outstanding piece of work, during this or any other year, having to do with garden club interests. Suggestions for awardees are to be given to the Executive Committee.

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President's Commendation — An award given at the discretion of the President, to a Weeder for service and extraordinary accomplishments. The award is a personal recognition by the President from time to time when warranted.

*Show Points

½ point for entry
3 points for Second Prize
1 point for Honorable Mention
5 points for First Prize
2 points for Second Prize
10 points for Best in Show

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