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Procedures for Visiting Gardens

At least four (4) weeks prior to taking a trip, a club member should telephone her Club Chair for the name, address, telephone number and email address of her Visiting Gardens Zone Representative.

The Zone Representative will give the club member the name of the Visiting Gardens Club Chair in the city that she will be visiting.

The club member then contacts the respective Club Chair and gives the dates of her visit. If there will be other people with the member there may be up to three non-GCA guests allowed and no more that nine (9) people in the total group, and she should tell the Club Chair at this time. Any larger a group is up to the discretion of the Club Chair.

The Club Chair will set up a garden tour and arrange to contact the visiting member when she arrives.

Visitors need to be mindful of expecting to see GCA members’ gardens during the holidays, special local events or local garden club fundraisers. The local club(s) may not be able to accommodate guests during these times.

When planning a visit to a country in which GCA has a Courtesy Club (Bermuda, Canada, Germany, Jamaica, New Zealand

and Uruguay)(see the list on page 8), requests to visit

gardens should be made at least four (4) weeks ahead by contacting GCA Headquarters.

Even though the Garden Club of Charleston is not a GCA club, there is a person to contact. Please contact GCA Headquarters for this information.

The GCA Visiting Gardens Committee does not authorize using any Visiting Gardens privileges for professional purposes, i.e., for professional photography or for articles to be professionally published.

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