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Meeting Minutes


Weeders Meeting

December 3, 2019

St. David’s Church, Devon


President Lorraine Wallace opened the meeting at 10:15. 

She thanked the following:

Meeting Chairs: Heather Gallagher and Linda Anderson

Hostesses: Nancy Holmes and Patty Minehart 

Sale Committee: Laura Carpenter, Monica Church, Jeanne May, Laura Reidel, Melissa Schweiter and Pam Bagby

Check-out: Biddie Edwards

Christmas Decorations: Polly Garnett

Wreaths: Lynn Gibbons

Auction: Patty Greenhalgh


Lorraine welcomed several guests to the meeting: Sue McCabe, guest of Jeanne May; Annette Toebe and Cheryl Wardel, guests of Heather Gallagher; and Melonie Wallace, Lorraine’s own guest and her daughter-in-law.



Congratulations to Taddy Dawson, whose photo of Tulip sylvestris appears on the current issue of Focus, GCA’s photography magazine.  It won the Creativity Award and she explained that it’s actually a composite of three photos.  She also won the Creativity Award for an earlier photo of a wet pothole covered by a skim of ice.  Taddy spoke about how the pictures were taken and expressed a willingness to hold a workshop on how to photoshop your pictures.


PHS has called for volunteers to help at the Philadelphia Flower Show.  They are especially looking for Clerks.  It’s a great way to see the show, a real learning experience and fun, so please think about it.


A Houseplant Workshop  will be held at Alice Doering’s home Monday, January 13th at 10:00.  A sign-up sheet was circulated for those who are interested in attending.


Ronald McDonald House: Flower arrangements will be made at Laura Mitchell’s home Wednesday, January 22nd at 9:30 for delivery to St. Christopher’s Hospital.  A sign-up sheet was circulated for all who are interested in helping.


Pot Luck Dinner: This annual event will be held at Lorraine’s home Thursday, January 23rd at 6:00.  Please watch for the online invitation and plan to attend.


PCGCA Meeting will be held at RHS Ormiston Mansion Wednesday, January 15th at 10:00.


Fertilizer Fund: Marilyn Sprague announced that 80% of Weeders have so far made a contribution to this worthy cause supported by all the PCGCA clubs.  We always try for 100% participation, so if you haven’t made your own contribution yet, please consider it.


Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Evans gave the Treasurer’s Report, the gist of which is that we remain solvent.  So far, a total of $2,300.00 has been contributed to the Tribute Fund in memory of Wendy Calhoun, and as a club we have donated $250.00 for her memorial tree.  Please see attachment for the complete Treasurer’s Report.


Approval of October Minutes: Ellie Penniman made a motion to approve the October minutes; the minutes were approved.


Fundraiser: Ellyn Spragins announced a new idea for raising Weeder funds.  It involves a wholesale nursery on Long Island, Beds and Borders, which works with garden clubs for this purpose and sells established containers and hanging baskets.  The same plant combinations may be purchased as individual plants, to be planted by you in your own container.  The nursery is well regarded for the high quality of their plants and the beauty of their designs.  Order forms were passed around and will also be available for printing from our website.  We’ll talk about this in more depth at the January meeting as the deadline for ordering will be January 24th.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:50.


Respectfully submitted,

Lesley Undercofler, Recording Secretary



Immediately following the meeting, Patty Greenhalgh auctioned off a fabulous Dinner for 8 as a new feature of the Christmas Sale.  It will be prepared and served to the lucky winner by the Sale Committee.  At the close of the auction, a stampede of Weeders headed for the sale tables and the wreath making event began.

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