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10-13              Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference, Denver, CO

12 Thurs.        Executive Committee Meeting at Lorraine Wallace’s Home — 9:30


17 Tues.         Meeting, Flower Show and Luncheon at Hilltop House, Devon—

                                          Peter Cordray: The Life of Bees

                       9:30  Flower Show Registration and Passing

                     10:30  Entries closed

                     10:45  Business Meeting

                     11:30  Talk by Peter Cordray

                     12:30  Light Lunch


                     Chair:  Alice Doering

                     Hostesses:  Sandy Cadwalader, Jen Fryberger, Jane Kline, Laura Riedel,                                               Penny Watkins


 18 Wed.          PCGCA Meeting at McGee Rehabilitation Hospital — 10:00