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Meeting Minutes


December 12, 2017

St. Christopher's Church

Gladwyne, PA


President Jackie Burke welcomed members to the December 12th meeting at 10:00am held at St. Christopher’s Church in Gladwyne. This meeting included our annual Holiday Sale and the making of Tabletop Arrangements for the patients at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Center.
Enormous thanks and appreciation went out to the Meeting Chairs, Karen Doyle, who filled in for Sonya Driscoll, and hostesses Wendy Bailey and Alice Nacey.  
Kudos to the Holiday Sale Chair Linda Anderson who took charge in Daryle Hanlon’s absence, assisted by Karen Doyle, who was a tremendous help with pricing.  Also, thanks to their “side-kicks” Wendy Calhoun and Biddy Edwards who helped with checkout and took all of your money!!   WOW! 
And, special thanks went to Polly Garnett for organizing the Holiday Arrangements.   Awesome job, as usual!!  And, and… thanks to all who brought greens & berries to make those wonderful arrangements that go to such a great cause!! Weeders Strong!!
Welcome to our newest member Jen Fryberger, who was unable to attend today but will be with us at the January meeting. (Devon Weeders ROCK!!)
Review of September 19, 2017 Minutes:  Motion was made and seconded to accept the September minutes.  Minutes approved.
Review of  October 10, 2017 Minutes:  Motion was made and seconded to accept the October minutes.  Minutes approved.
Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Evans reported that the Weeder Fundraiser brought in $5,224.65 to help feed our kitty!  Amazing job and thanks to all for the tremendous hard work to make this event a success! (Budget attached).
PCGCA:  Jackie announced that The Weeders are #1 in the PCGCA for donations made to the Fertilizer Fund!! Thanks to all who have donated.  If you haven’t donated yet (and Jackie knows who you are!) there is still time to get your donation in as we strive for 100% participation. 
In other PCGCA news, Jackie Burke and Lorraine Wallace attended the Zone V Mini Meeting November 8th in Chestnut Hill.   Two of our members entered the photography show and won ribbons!!  Taddy Dawson had two entries and won a 3rd place and a blue ribbon as well as the Creativity Award.  Nancy Evans entry won a blue ribbon.  In addition to all these ribbons, The Weeders were awarded the Zone V Photography Sweepstakes Award for accumulating the most points for the Photography show!  How cool is that??!!
 Congratulations Taddy and Nancy – we are so proud of you!!
Community Affairs –

  • Strawberry Mansion:  Team Doolittle & Gibbons reports that we had another successful decorating adventure at the Strawberry Mansion with lots of Weeder volunteers participating.  Lynn was given free tickets for the Fairmont Christmas tour if anyone would like to visit the homes.


  • Ronald McDonald House:  Holiday decorating was completed in October and Laura Mitchell will be looking for volunteers to help with the next decorating event in the Spring.  Stay tuned!


  • Strafford Station – Alice Doering reports that the task of decorating and filling of pots with greens is complete with the exception of hanging the wreaths on the train tracks. She asks the committee members to be looking for an email announcing the date for the wreath hanging. We will need several people to help ensure Alice doesn’t get hit by an oncoming train!


  • Gazebo Garden – Cheryl Cheston thanks all volunteers who helped to put the gardens to bed.  The garden looks great!

Conservation Committee – Biddie Edwards announced that the World Bank will no longer finance oil & gas projects.
Garden History & Design – Julie DeVuono reports there is just one little task left to do to complete the documentation of Inta Krombolz’s Garden in West Chester, PA.  It’s coming!!
GCA Bulletin -  Linda Anderson advised that there was nothing to add at this time.
Horticulture- Alice Doering reminded folks to check the PHS Challenge Plant that is lurking in your fridge.  She checked hers and some pesky mold had formed which needs to be removed.  Be sure and check yours and don’t forget to read the directions on what to do next!!
Alice also announced that she would do a soft-wood cutting workshop if enough folks are interested.  Please let her know if you would like to participate.  It needs to happen after the first hard frost so it will be a “pop-up” workshop with not much notice.
Photography – Melissa Bullitt reminded everyone that even though we have an extra month (since our show isn't until March this year), she encouraged everyone to spend the winter months either taking photos during their travels and/or looking through their photos for possible entries for the photography show classes.
Entries are March 5, 2018 (but it would be easier to bring entries to the February meeting).
1) “Mirror Mirror”
A photograph depicting reflection.
2) “Where The Sidewalk Ends”
A photograph featuring a road or path leading to somewhere…..?
3) “Thumbelina”
A close up photograph of a flower or leaf highlighting a particular feature or detail. 
Any questions about possible entries - contact Melissa Bullitt or Nancy Evans.
Print & Communications – And Lorraine said, “We’re communicating!  Read your emails”!
Program Committee – Karen Doyle will be setting a meeting planning date for the Program Committee members after the New Year to begin work on the 2018/2019 programs.   Committee members should be on the watch for the email and if anyone has a grand idea for a program please let the committee know.
Lois Renthal wanted the new members to know that she is the official “name tag maker” and asked that they let her know the correct spelling of their name so she can make them.  Ditto for anyone who has lost theirs.
With that, Jackie adjourned the meeting so we could shop ‘till we dropped at The Weeders Holiday Sale - but not until those table top arrangements were completed (which were done in record time)!
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy H Holmes
Recording Secretary

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