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Meeting Minutes



THE WEEDERS June 13, 2017


On this very hot day in June, in a break with tradition, our annual meeting took place “on the move”, as we traveled by bus to visit the Gardens for Sculpture in Hamilton, N.J.  Once we were on our way, at 9:35 a.m. President Jackie Burke called the meeting to order, welcoming the 33 attendees ( 30 members and 3 guests).  After introducing Tom, our bus driver, she thanked meeting chairs, Marilyn Sprague and the absent Patty Minehart, Ellyn Spragins, who helped with the initial preparations, and hostesses Linda Anderson, Beth Bartle, Nancy Evans and Kim Frisbee. She then introduced guests Marianne Wilson, with Patricia Doolittle; Allie Shoemaker, guest of Connie Carlson; and Jodie Spragins, guest and sister of Ellyn.

Jackie announced that Ellie Kirk has resigned her membership and that member, Cynthia Wallace was to turn 100 the next day. Presently, Secretary Maria Thompson’s mobility is constricted due to a broken  heel. A card wishing her a speedy and full recovery, was sent around for all to sign.

The May minutes were reviewed and motion made to accept.

Treasurer Nancy Evans announced that she had received, as of this date, dues from 67 members, out of 76, bringing our checking account total to $13,226. plus $1000 for bus trip reimbursement = $14,226.  minus $5200. to GCA  which leaves us $9026. for club administrative costs. If we receive dues from the remaining 9 members, we will have $9350, which still does not leave much for donations to conservation causes, nor for growing expenses (ie. Programs). Vanguard income last year was $419.

PCGCA: The Fertilizer Fund raised and dispursed $38,480. to 13 separate projects throughout the Philadelphia. On its behalf, Jackie thanked Weeder donors for their generosity.

As we traveled on, this captive audience was entertained by the reading of annual reports by the various committee chairmen present or read by others in their absence. Abbreviated notes below; full reports are included as attachments.

ADMISSIONS- Cheryl Cheston: The proposals for two new members are in the works.

ARCHIVIST- Maria Thompson: reviewed the seeds of awakening of women interested in horticulture and their activities, including those of the early Weeders one hundred years ago.

CLUB FLOWER SHOWS-Patricia Doolittle: There were two flower shows, held in September and May, both flooded with high quality entries. In addition, the committee offered two workshops, one featuring botanical arts; the other elves and critters made from hort materials.



Strawberry Mansion- Patricia Doolittle, Lynn Gibbons: On November 30, thirteen Weeders transformed the Lewis Parlor into a Swedish enclave, incorporating elements that epitomized the Swedish holiday.

Ronald McDonald House-Laura Mitchell: no report

Strafford Station- Alice Doering: The committee continues with the planting of pots at several times of year, the pruning and planting of shrubs on the north and south sides of station. Of late, the chairman has been involved in the determination of some and consequent action that a bike rack be built for the use of a questionable number of bike riders.

Gazebo Garden- Cheryl Cheston: Committee continues to learn, simplify, deal with maintenance issues. Chairman appreciates the help given, would like each Weeder to help at sometime during the season.

CONSERVATION- Biddie Edwards: Spoke of a trip members took to RAIR (Recycled Artists in Residency) located at recycling company at which disposed furniture, personal items are used to create works of art. She reiterated a point about recycling: knot up any plastic bags, or wrap before recycling; clean everything; remove tops from bottles.

GARDEN HISTORY AND DESIGN- Julie deVuono: The committee is working to finish up the documentation of the garden of Inta Krombolz in West Chester, extraordinary for its horticultural specimens, variety of features, inspirational views.

GCA BULLETIN- Linda Anderson: Two of Weeder submitted articles were published during the past year: one on success of urban farmers in the Philadelphia area; another on the trip to RAIR. Several Weeders were given special mention: Alice Doering “Rares”, Lloyd Brown being awarded for Zone V Conservation; Lorraine Wallace received “Catherine Beattie Medal” for flower arranging.

HORTICULTURE-Alice Doering: Weeders displayed exceptional horticultural talent in both flower shows. An October workshop challenged participants to arrange succulents in pumpkins. The January meeting, held at Meadowbrook Farm focused on shade gardening. A semi-hardwood cutting workshop is to be held on June 28.

NOMINATING-Sally Wood: The nominating committee proposes the following slate for officers to serve until June, 2019:       

Recording Secretary:                   Nancy Holmes                                                                          

Assistant Recording Secretary:  Ellyn Spragins                                                              

Corresponding Secretary:           Lorraine Wallace                                                                  

Nominees for the Admissions Committee to serve until June, 2020 are:

Michelle Bolton and Tricia Cove. 


PHOTOGRAPHY-Melissa Bullitt: There were two speakers on Photography at meetings held this year. Entries to the photography show, held in April jointly with the West Chester Garden Club, were then displayed at our evening meeting the next night. There will be a photography workshop on October.

PRINT AND COMMUNICATIONS- Cheryl Cheston, Lorraine Wallace: A request was made for an interested “under 60” member to become involved in assisting, eventually taking over the Weeder website.

PROGRAM-Karen Doyle: Briefly reviewed the program topics for the past year. Her efficient committee has planned topics and speakers sure to engage us in the coming Weeder year. If you have not already signed up to be a hostess at one of the meetings, please do so.

SCHOLARSHIP-Sonya Driscoll: She and Regina Wagner continue to search for eligible urban farmers deserving of a stipend.

VISITING GARDENS-Polly Garnett: Through various Zone Chairs, I arranged for members to visit private gardens in other parts of the country.

 The reading of the reports concluded, our president adjourned the meeting as we approached our destination. 


Respectfully submitted,

Polly Garnett, Assistant Recording Secretary

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