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Meeting Minutes


The Weeders Annual Meeting & Awards

June 12, 2018

Meeting Minutes:

Margaret Sager’s Home

200 Montgomery Ave

Erdenhelm, PA




President Jackie Burke opened the meeting at 10:00am with a heartfelt “Thank You” to Margaret Sager for welcoming us to her home for the Annual Meeting.  Thanks also to Meeting Chair Cheryl Cheston and our hostesses Connie Carlson, Nancy Evans, Kim Frisbee, Laura Mitchell and Marilyn Sprague.




Review of the May Minutes:  A motion was made to accept the minutes; the motion was seconded and all approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Evans provided an overview of the assets, expenses and distributions.  See attached report for details.


PCGCA: The Fertilizer Fund raised and disbursed $45,184 to 16 separate projects throughout the city of Philadelphia.  The Weeders contributed $4, 431 putting us in 3rd place of the 10 clubs.  61 out of our 85 members contributed. Thanks for your generosity. To see the details of contributions, go to the PCGCA website:




At the Annual Meeting, it is customary for all Committee Chairman to give an oral and written report of the activities of their committee for the past year.  Awards are also presented but the frequency has changed to every two years to coincide with the incoming new president.


Below you will find a list of the committees and the Chairman.  Each detailed report is attached separately (to save the Recording Secretary from needing to summarize each one J)


1.  NOMINATING COMMITTEE – Sally Wood presented the 2018 Slate of Officers for our club.  Lloyd Brown made a motion to accept the slate of officers as presented.  Nancy Holmes seconded the motion.  Motion unanimously approved.  See attached report for the 2018 Slate of Officers.


2.  ADMISSIONS – Cheryl Cheston (report attached)


3.  ARCHIVIST - Maria Thompson (Given by Jackie Burke – report attached)


4.  CHRISTMAS SALE - Linda Anderson (report attached).


4.a  Linda also reported on the field trip to Kara Moor Winery co-chaired by Alice Doering – report attached)


5.  CLUB FLOWER SHOW - Patricia Doolittle  & Patty Greenhalgh (report attached).


A thank you note from Delia Egan, who was the clerk at our Flower Show in May, was read by Patty Greenhalgh.  She very much appreciated the great Weeder Hospitality and marveled at the Weeders horticulture/flower arranging skills!


5.a  & 5.b  Zone V Flower Arranging Workshop – Jackie passed around the schedule for the Zone V Flower Arranging Workshops to be held this fall.  The schedule is as follows:


FA101 - Wednesday October 17, 2018

FA201 - Thursday October 18, 2018

FA301 - Friday, October 19, 2018


Location: Radnor Methodist Church, Rosemont, PA 19010 

$125 per class; 9am – 3pm




6.a  Strawberry Mansion – Patricia Doolittle and Lynn Gibbons (report attached)


6.b  Ronald McDonald House – Laura Mitchell – (report attached). We are the only organization that does this!  A 3rd workshop will be schedule for next year.


6.c  Stafford Station - Alice Doering, Polly Garnett (report attached)


6.d  Gazebo Garden at Bryn Mawr – Cheryl Cheston (report attached


7.  CONSERVATION - Biddie Edwards & Nancy Evans (report attached) 


8.  FINANCE - Nancy Evans


9.  GARDEN HISTORY AND DESIGN –Julie DeVuono  (report attached).


10.  GCA BULLITIN –Linda Anderson (report attached)


11.  HORTICULTURE –Alice Doering & Michele Bolton – (report attached) There will be a semi - hardwood propagation workshop on the 27th at Alice’s home.  Bring a plastic box (such that salad mix comes in).

Michele Bolton reported that the Challenge Plant for the fall show is a miniature Dahlia. The cost is $7 dollars.  It needs full sun; don’t over water.  In September we will be distributing Narcissus bulbs for the April flower show.


12.  PHOTOGRAPHY – Melissa Bullitt (reports attached)


13.  PRINT AND COMMUNICATIONS –Cheryl Cheston and Lorraine Wallace (report attached)


14.  PROGRAM –Karen Doyle & Patty Minehart – (report attached)


15.  SCHOLARSHIP – Sonya Driscoll and Regina Wagner (report attached


16.  VISITING GARDENS - Polly Garnett  (report attached)


17a. & 17b.  AWARDS – Patricia Doolittle and Melissa Bullitt  - Congratulations to all of the award winners!! A list of all of the awards and winners are attached.


OLD BUSINESS:         


18.  President’s Report  - Jackie Burke (report attached)


Update on Stoneleigh –Lloyd Brown provided an update on the Lower Merion School District’s pursuit of a portion of Stoneleigh for athletic fields through Eminent Domain.  The PA Legislature has passed a bill that will require that entities like school districts and local governments seek Orphan’s Court approval before taking property by eminent domain if that property is under conservation easement.  To stay abreast of further developments regarding efforts to Save Stoneleigh from condemnation, go to:


NEW BUSINESS – The President’s Gavel was presented to our incoming President, Lorraine Wallace, by out-going President Jackie Burke. Jackie gave a heartfelt tribute to Lorraine for the many contributions that Lorraine has made to not only The Weeders as an organization, but also to mentoring and developing its members.  Thank you, Jackie, for a wonderful two years and good luck to Lorraine for her upcoming term!


ADJOURNMENT – After the Committee Reports and Awards Presentations, we gathered on the lawn of Margaret’s home for a delightful lunch provided by our hostesses.  The recipe for the yummy Curried Chicken Salad can now be found on our Weeders Website! Thank you Taddy Dawson!


In addition – Taddy announced via email after the meeting that Nancy Evans has had her beautiful blue ribbon winning photograph published in the most recent issue of GCA’s Focus Magazine, an online publication.  Congratulations, Nancy Evans!!


Respectfully submitted,


Nancy H Holmes

Recording Secretary

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