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Meeting Minutes


Minutes February 13, 2018

The Men’s Garden Club

President Jackie Burke opened the meeting with a warm welcome to all.  She thanked the Meeting Chair, Diane McCallister and Hostesses Meg Devereaux and herself -  Jackie Burke. Great to have a president that can multi-task!




We had three guests attending the meeting: 


Abbie Sewall, guest of Sally Wood

Laura Reidel, guest of Cheryl Cheston

Tamra Adams, guest of Julie DeVuono.


Review of January 9, 2018 minutes:  A motion was made to approve the minutes of the January meeting.  Motion seconded and passed.  Minutes approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Nancy Evans reported that we have $42,915 in Total Assets broken down as follows:


            $10,685 in Checking

            $32,230 in Vanguard

            $42,915 Total


There are no outstanding liabilities at this time.  See attached budget for additional information.


GCA Founder’s Fund:  Every year we vote as a club and we cast one vote for a civic project.  The winning project receives $30,000 and each runner up club receives $10,000. All three proposals are described in detail in the winter issue of the GCA Bulletin and can be found in detail on the Founders Fund landing page in the Members Area of the GCA website.


Jackie read the summary of each proposal and a vote was taken by show of hands.  (Members not in attendance will be asked to send their vote to Jack via email.  As such, today’s outcome could be altered).


The results of the vote during our meeting were:


  1.  Roots Rising: A Food Truck & Financial Stability               16

  2.  Dunbar Garden Kitchen-Classroom                                      7

  3.  Therapeutic Garden: Nurturing Plants & Lifting Spirits  10      






Awards – If anyone has entered outside flower shows, make sure you get your entries and awards to Melissa Bullitt so your efforts can be counted.   


Patricia Doolittle reminds everyone to please let her know your thoughts about possible selections for the Esther Lloyd Morton Book Award.


Club flower show - Patty Greenhalgh and Daryle Hanlon -  Patty is organizing the Love N Fresh workshop.  Be on the lookout for an email for further info.


Community affairs


Strafford Station - Alice Doering Polly Garnett – “It’s there”, reports Alice!


Jackie reported that we sent photos and a short write-up on our activities at Strafford Station to the Zone Chair for a presentation at the GCA Meeting.  Our write-up was well received, and it was suggested we submit it to a future Bulletin.  If not, they will include it at some point in the GCA Zone Landing page.


Gazebo Garden at Bryn Mawr – Cheryl Cheston – “I will start bugging people next month,” advised Cheryl.  An email will be forthcoming with further details!


Garden history and design –Julie DeVuono & Wendy Quereau – Jackie will have a party when the report goes in!! 


Horticulture –Alice Doering & Michele Bolton – Alice advises that your bulbs should be blooming – don’t let them dry out! As for the hosta, give as much light as possible. If you are growing it under lights, raise it up close to the light so it doesn’t get leggy.


The Weeder Challenge Begonia should be getting good light. Allow it to dry out between watering. As for fertilizer, give it ¼ strength fertilizer if it is getting good light.  If not, don’t fertilize.


Photography – Melissa Bullitt –  March 5th is the deadline for entries to be accepted for the upcoming Photography show.  Please contact Melissa with questions/advice or if you would like your photos reviewed before submitting.


Print and communications –Cheryl Cheston and Lorraine Wallace – Just so ya’ know, there’s lot of work going on behind the scenes!  Kudo’s to Cheryl and Lorraine for all of their hard work!!


Program –Karen Doyle & Patty Minehart -  Next Program Committee meeting will be Wednesday March 14th at 9:30 am at Karen’s home.


Scholarship – Sonya Driscoll and Regina Wagner – Regina reported that Sonya is back home.  She conveyed that Sonya deeply appreciates all the support from the Weeders.


Visiting Gardens - Cheryl Cheston and Wendy Bailey – Cheryl is hoping that we can have a Friday night pop-up party at Chanticleer this spring.  Because it needs to be coordinated with the weather, there may only be a 3-4 day notice.  Be on the lookout for further communication.


Polly Garnett asked everyone to let her know if you are going out of state and wish to visit an outside garden.  She is happy to help coordinate a visit.


Nancy Holmes reminded everyone that she and Elaine Lisle are coordinating a trip to Bowman’s Hill through the Horticulture Committee.  The date is April 24th.  Please let either Nancy or Elaine know if you would like to go.  We are hoping to have enough sign up to justify providing a bus.  If not, we will car pool.  Several nurseries in the area have been identified should folks wish to go plant shopping on the way home.  More communications will be coming.




Jackie announced that The Weeders are the proud owner of a new projector for use at all of our meetings!  Nancy Holmes did the research and found one that will hopefully be reliable and easy to use. Its inaugural event is todays program.  No more borrowing a dinosaur!


Appointment - 1st Vice President position:


Jackie made the announcement that Patricia Doolittle, current 1st Vice President, will not be able to fulfill her role as President next year.  She will be moving.  There is no process in our current by-laws that addresses how to proceed in this situation.  Therefore, Jackie, as President, and after consulting with the Nominating Committee, is appointing Lorraine Wallace to become President when Jackie’s term ends in June 2018.  Lorraine has accepted the position. 


And with that announcement came a round of applause and cheers!!  Yay, Lorraine!!


PROGRAM:  Weeders Home Grown – Fairy Houses


Sally Wood and Julie DeVuono gave a captivating presentation on “Fairy Houses”.  Through magical slides and a mesmerizing narrative, they had us all believing in the “little people” living in our gardens and woods! From elaborately constructed log towers to the simplest of little twig structures, it only takes a little imagination and maybe a child or two to create a “home” for the fairies in your gardens to reside!


My Organic Elderberry Farm – Abbie Sewall


As an added bonus, Sally’s guest, Abbie Sewall, provided us with a very educational talk about the benefits of elderberry and aronia berries.  Abbie is the owner of The Bailey Farm in Freeport, Maine, where she grows and sells organic elderberries and aronia berries for their anti-oxidant properties. 


Abbie described how the North American elderberry (Sambucus Canadensis) and its compatible partner, aronia (Aronia Melanocarpa), also known as chokeberry, “are rated as the highest capacity antioxidant small fruits according to the ORAC rating (measures the antioxidant capacity of foods) that grow naturally in our country. They are rated much higher than our more familiar berries -- blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries -- and for that, I consider elderberry and aronia the king and queen of the small fruits. Elderberry and aronia berries are also super high in Vitamin A, B, C, calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium.” (excerpt from her website).


She encouraged everyone to add elderberry and aronia to their landscape.  They are not only beautiful plants, but you can also reap the health benefits they have to offer.  For more information, including how to make an Elderberry Shrub Tonic, go to



Respectfully submitted,


Nancy H. Holmes

Recording Secretary

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