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Photography Rules

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1) An exhibitor may make only one entry per class. Please note the change for this year – Limit one entry per class.

2) The photography must be the work of the exhibitor. Printing may be done professionally. 

3) Any manipulation, either at the time of exposure, in the darkroom, or by computer, or in the printing process is allowed if the work is by the exhibitor. This includes cropping of image, enhancement for color or clarity, removal of part of the image, combining images, or distorting the original subject, except where specified by class.

4) All photographs must include plant material, unless otherwise specified.

5) Surface finish (matte or glossy) is the choice of the exhibitor.

6) All photos should be 8 x 10” and are to be submitted unmatted or unmounted and will be staged by the Committee in a white matte board frame. Photos must be cut to size when submitted.      

7) The subject matter need not belong to the photographer.

8) Classes may be subdivided by the Committee into color and monochromatic classes or other specifications as determined by the judges.

9) All images will be displayed in white matte board frames supplied by the committee- Opening size/viewable area of frame is 7.5” x 9.5".

10) Please label the back of your photos with the following information:
      a. your name on the back of each photo
      b. the class number you are entering
      c. please indicate which way is up.

11) Plant material in the photo must be identified, if possible. If there are many plant specimens, please try to identify the most prominent plant material, the plant material that is in or near the focal point of the photo, or the plant material that is in the foreground of the picture.

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