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Spring Photography Show

“Circus Acts”

The Weeders Photography Show

To be Judged and Displayed on March 10, 2020

Deadline for Entries: March 3, 2020

(For ease of entry, entrants are strongly encouraged to bring their entries to the February meeting)


All photographs are to be 8” x 10”. Exhibitor’s choice of color or monochromatic (Monochromatic is defined as tints, tones and shades of any one hue.) All photos must contain plant material. Please refer to the Photography Classes Rules before entering.


1) “The Elephant in the Room”

     A photograph that contains a strong focal point or focal area.


2) “Oddities”

     A photograph of an unlikely pairing. A study in contrast.


3) “Cotton Candy”

     A photograph of an interesting texture.


4) “The Man on the Flying Trapeze ”

    A photograph that captures rhythm, movement and/or motion.


Note: Classes may be subdivided before being judged. Criteria for subdivision may include: monochromatic, photo edited images, or judges choice.