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Spring Photography Show

“Welcome to Our Show”

The Weeders Photography show


To be Judged and Displayed on March 9, 2021

Deadline for Entries: March 3, 2020


(Entrants are strongly encouraged to bring their entries to the February meeting. Entrants may also mail or drop off photos at the photography chairperson’s house, or mail your mounted photos directly from the printer/photo shop to the chairperson before the deadline-

Melissa Bullitt, 801 Brinton Bridge Rd, West Chester, PA 19382)


New Procedure

All photographs are to be the entrant’s choice of dimensions but cannot be larger than 10” x 12” or smaller than 5” x 7”. Exhibitor’s choice of color or monochromatic. (Monochromatic is defined as tints, tones and shades of any one hue.)


All photographs must be flush mounted on either black or white foam core or matte board. The photo must be cut flush with the edge of the backing material, no borders or frames are allowed around the edge of the photo. Photos will be staged for the show against a black background. (Please note- Velcro or magnets may be affixed to the back of your foam core or board for hanging/display purposes.)


All photos must contain plant material and at least one of the plant material/s must be identified on the entry card (identified material/s can either be the subject or in the background).  Please refer to Photography Classes Rules.


1) “Come On In”

A photograph that leads the eye to a focal point or focal area.


2) “Have a Seat”

A photograph featuring a seat, chair or bench in nature, or in a garden setting.


3) “Have a Drink (on The Rocks)”

A photograph featuring plants and rocks.


4) “Enjoy the View”

A view of nature from the inside out – looking through a frame, arch, window or door opening.


Note: Classes may be subdivided before being judged. Criteria for subdivision may include novice, monochromatic, photo edited images, or judges’ choice.