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Meeting Minutes


Weeders Meeting

March 10, 2020

Gallagher Party Barn


President Lorraine Wallace opened the meeting at 7:05, thanking Heather and Kevin Gallagher for hosting us in their party barn.

She thanked Meeting Chairs Jackie Burke and Patty Greenhalgh and Hostesses Nancy Holmes, Meg Devereux, Patty Minehart, Lorraine Wallace and Mariana Wilson for organizing the meeting and for providing such a wonderful feast.

She welcomed Tom Smarr, guest of Nancy and Rick Holmes and our Speaker for the evening; Annette and David Toebe, guests of Heather Gallagher; Gretchen Kiernan, guest of Sally Wood; and Peter and David Greenhalgh, Patty’s sons, who provided valet services for the evening.




February Minutes: A motion was made to approve the February Minutes.  It was seconded and they were approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Jackie Burke gave a brief update, noting we’re in great shape financially.  The report is attached.


Founders Fund: It being that time of year, we voted for our choice to receive GCA’s Founder’s Fund Award, a grant of $25,000 going to the winner among three finalists.  The Weeder choice was the Permaculture Sanctuary.


Judging Workshop: The GCA Judging Committee is offering the rare opportunity to learn about judging.  A workshop has been scheduled for May 21st in Flourtown and will take place from 8:30 to 3:00.  There is no fee involved, and if you are interested Lorraine will have the particulars.  Update: the workshop has been postponed until the fall, due to the Covid-19 virus.


PHS Flower Show: Several Weeders participated in the Flower Show this year.  Congratulations to all! 

Alice Doering earned 3 Blue Ribbons, 1 Red, 6 Yellows and 2 HM in the Horticulture Class

Beth Bartle earned 2 HM in the Niche Class    

Melissa Bullitt earned a Blue for a Mini floral design

Taddy Dawson entered Photography


PHS Flower Show 2021: Patty Greenhalgh and Jeanne May attended a meeting for the 2021 Flower Show, as we are considering a Weeder entry next year.  They came away with a list of possible classes and are looking for someone who will take charge of this project.  We’ll need to make a decision about this and organize quickly as there is a deadline for declaring entries in April.  Julie DeVouno volunteered to lead the charge, IF she has a co-chair. 


Photography: Melissa Bullitt thanked all who participated in the show, which displayed really wonderful photographs by our talented photographers.  Please see the results, which are attached.

It was noted that we could use someone to help Melissa as there is a great deal involved in organizing and setting up a show.


Lorraine adjourned the meeting at 7:30.


Respectfully submitted,

Lesley Undercofler, Recording Secretary



Nancy Holmes introduced our Speaker for the evening, Tom Smarr, the new Executive Director of Jenkins Arboretum.  His topic was Gardening for the 21st Century – Designing and Managing Public Gardens for Everyone. 

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Tres. Report

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