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Floral DesignRules and Hints

1) An exhibitor may make only one entry per class, but may enter more than one class.

2) Fresh plant material must predominate unless otherwise stated in the schedule.

3) Plant material must be in water or be conditioned in such a way that the exhibit remains fresh while on exhibition.

4) Artificial plant material or coloring of live material is not allowed.

5) Mechanics must not show unless an intrinsic part of design.

6) Accessories are permitted unless otherwise stated. “Accessory” is defined as anything other than plant material, base, mechanics, background, or container used anywhere in a design, must be subordinate to the plant material. 

Floral Design Classes Hints:   All plant material used in the arrangement must be listed by both botanical and common name. The judges will give specimens that are correctly labeled a higher rating in a close call.

The use of a base is permitted and is included in the overall prescribed dimensions.  Some common design faults to check:  bottom-heaviness; overstressed focal area; poor transition; stuffed space; lack of depth; flatness; monotonous space intervals; too many similar forms; flower size too small or too large for the container; not filling the sides and back of the container; arrangement disproportionate to the container; container distracting or inappropriate.            


Note: The Weeders offers a stipend for members entering artistic classes in the Philadelphia Flower Show. The stipends are $50 for a large niche; $30 for a medium niche; and $20 for a small niche.

Linda MadarablankScreen Shot 2018-07-03
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