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Summary of NAL Meeting, Martha Edwards 3/2019


The GCA Conservation and NAL Meeting was held  at the end of February. It is always an overwhelming, but wonderfully informative conference.   Highlights were 1) speeches from legislators around the country who are active in  legislating for conservation. We were all  delighted to celebrate the passing of The Land & Water Conservation  Fund    2)  There continues to be an effort for “Reviving Americas Scenic Byways Act S. 349  and the GCA supported Botany Bill not yet having bill number for this year.

  An important message for all from Mark Bittman, the celebrated chef and cookbook author: strive to eat more vegetables, regardless of their nature as organic or not. His advice: “ If you have a choice between an organic chicken breast and an a GMO apple. Eat the apple.”  

 This conference is an annual inspiration!

Lloyd Brownblank.jpg
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