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10 Tues.      Meeting, Flower Show and Lunch at Hilltop House, 570 Beaumont Road, Devon.                           Speaker – Howard Brosius, “Chipping Hill Micro Farm’s Mobile Greenhouse”

                   9:30 Flower Show Registration and Passing 10:30 Entries Close
                  10:45 Announcements
                  11:15 Talk by Howard Brosius

                  12:30 Light Lunch

                   Meeting Chairs — Pam Bagby, Laura Carpenter

                   Hostesses — Jen Fryberger, Patty Greenhalgh, Hazel Hannaway, Whitney Harrison,                     Anne Rhodes

18 Wed.      PCGCA General Meeting 9:30 TBD


TBD           Hort Plant Division Exchange/Sale Laura Riedel     Date and location TBD