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11,12          GCA Annual Meeting, virtual


12 Wed.      Business Meeting, Guest Speaker and Lunch

                           at Jenkins Arboretum, 631 Berwyn Baptist Rd., Devon –

                    The Anna Lloyd Hayward Lecture:

                    Amy Freitag, Executive Director, The J.M. Kaplan Fund –

                    “Climate Change, Nature Based Solutions and the GCA”

                     9:30      Coffee

                   10:00      Business Meeting

                   10:45      Talk by Amy Freitag

                   12:30      Light Lunch


                   Chairs  Linda Anderson, Sally Wood

                   Hostesses   Monica Church, Sonya Driscoll,Heather Gallagher, Annette Toebe,

                                   Penny Watkins  


19 Wed.      PCGCA Meeting, General Meeting, Smith Memorial Playground — 10:00