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  3-6  GCA Annual Meeting, Ashville, NC


  13 Wed.  Meeting, Flower Show and Lunch

                 at Jenkins Arboretum, 631 Berwyn Baptist Rd., Devon –

                 Derron LaBlake, VP Darby Creek Valley Assn.: Rain Gardens


                  9:30  Flower Show Registration and Passing

                10:30  Entries closed

                10:45  Announcements

                11:15  Talk by Derron LaBlake

                12:30  Light Lunch


                Chairs  Laura Riedel, Sally Wood

                Hostesses  Tamra Adams, Chris Cacioppo, Laura Carpenter, Heather Gallagher,                                             Sarah Price

  20 Wed.          PCGCA Meeting at Simon Gratz Mastery Charter School — 10:00


  27 Wed.          Magnolia Tribute Garden Workday