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 Horticulture Workshop 
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Semi-hardwood propagation workshop
        Tuesday, June 25, 2024 
             10 AM

        at Alice Doering's
            43 Deepdale Road
            Wayne PA 19097

        cost: bring $5 to cover the costs of container, soil, rooting hormone etc.

  Bring small branches of shrubs that you would like more of
or that you want to share. 


     Here are Alice's propagation handouts with some updates and also the schedule for taking cuttings that is from the Green Scene,  July 1976. This is a handy list to have, so put it in your horticultural file!


    I encourage you to venture back into your gardens the morning of our workshop to make some cuttings. Follow the detailed instructions from my handout and make space in your gardens for some new fabulous shrubs.

    If you have questions, email me at


Alice Doering

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