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August 2018

By Martha Edwards

Mary MorganblankScreen Shot 2018-07-03 a
Mary MorganblankScreen Shot 2018-07-03 a

We are slowly trying to improve our Conservation in the News. We began this effort by simply forwarding articles that were of particular interest. That has grown, over time, to the newsletter. It seems that the issues on conservation continue to mount.  I am reminded of a cartoon that sits in my study suggesting, for me, such projects seem daunting but eventually pay off! 

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   “How Wolves Change the Course of Rivers”

   Letter from Anne Neal Petri, President GCA

   The 2018 Farm Bill Legislative Update August 13, 2018

   The Environmental Legacy of Senator John McCain, 1936-2018

   Current Actions suggested by PennEnvironment

   RICHARD MASON: Back to the 1970s

   Ranchers feel heard by Trump on environmental rules, but some others sound     alarms

   Advocacy groups work to elevate conservation talks in Wyo. governor’s race

   Senators Seek to Rein in State Power Over Key Environmental Permit

  Clean Water:

   Senate GOP Bill Would Amend Key Section of the Clean Water Act

   IL Senators introduce safe water drinking bill

   Clean Water Under Threat

   Victory for Clean Water: Court Reinstates Obama WOTUS Rule for 26 States

   Judge Orders Michigan Health Director to Face Trial Over Flint Water Crisis Deaths


   Fracking industry water use rises as drills extend, study says

   Newly Elected President of Mexico to Ban Fracking

   Kayakers call for ‘full’ fracking ban in Delaware River basin

   Environmentalists call for full fracking ban in Delaware River Basin


   Mexico: Pipeline Divides Yaqui Communities and Triggers Wave of Violence

   For Marine Life, New Threats from a Fast-Tracked Canadian Pipeline

   These Giant Portraits Will Stand in the Path of Trans Mountain Pipeline


   Franklinia alatamaha:



   FirstEnergy to close Bruce Mansfield, state’s largest coal-fired power plant

   Green Upgrade: How California Is Pioneering ‘Energy Justice'

   Hazy Plans to Weaken Car Pollution Standards Won’t Work

   Demand for Clean Energy Coming from Businesses, not Politics


   Europe’s First Automotive PPA With a Polish Wind Farm

   IFC Partners with Gaia Energy to Increase African Wind Development…


   America's First Large Offshore Wind Farm to Offer $1.4B in Savings

   Solar industry pleased with Massachusetts Leg. passing omnibus energy bill

   As Costs Fall, Global Renewable Energy Installations Hit New Milestone

   Arizona Supreme Court: Voters will decide renewable-energy rules in November

   Bahamas 'Will Never Hit' Renewable Energy Target


   Designing the Death of a Plastic

   Chileans create water-soluble plastic bag that breaks down in minutes…

   Biodegradable plastic blends offer new options for disposal

   Study Finds New Reason to Ban Plastic: It Emits Methane in the Sun…

   Plastic junk spews greenhouse gases, just like cows and cars…

   How 'plastic attacks' on supermarkets became a global movement…

   Contact Lenses Add to Earth's Microplastic Crisis

   These Cultural Treasures Are Made of Plastic . Now They Are Falling Apart

   In India’s Largest City, A Ban on Plastics Faces Big Obstacles


   Trump Administration Unveils Plan To Replace Obama’s Signature Climate Initiative

   Strongest, Oldest Arctic Sea Ice Breaks Up for First Time on Record

   In the Melting Arctic, a Harrowing Account from a Stranded Ship


   The Much-Loathed Monsanto Name Is About to Die

   General Mills Faces Lawsuit Over Glyphosate in Cereals

   Study: Children Have Better Nutrition When They Live Near Forests

Endangered Species:

   USFWS: Make the right decision and list monarch butterflies as an endangered species


   Is Your Perfume Sustainable?

   “Solving Everest's mounting poop problem.” with biodigesters

   The Top 20 Coolest Schools 2018

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