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Wreath-making with Lynn Gibbons
December 6, 2022 (after business meeting)

St. David’s Church, 763 S. Valley Forge Road, Wayne
online signup is past. If you haven't signed up and would like to participate, please email Lynn Gibbons.
The following people have signed up and paid:

Kathleen Aceto
-Victoria Guest

Melissa Bullitt

Jackie Burke

Laura Carpenter

Cheryl Cheston

-Cheryl Cheston(guest?)

Monica Church
-Guest Tricia

Julie DeVuono
- guest Carolyn

Sonya Driscoll
--Sue Guest

Nancy Evans

Jennifer Fryberger

Patty Greenhalgh

Barbara Hannaway

Sarah Harrity

Louise Johnston

Gretchen Kiernan

Elaine Lisle

Anne Marble

Jeanne May
-Guest Sue McCabe

Martha Morse

Melissa Oeth

Eleanor Penniman

Cynthia Pierce

Laura Riedel

Linda Schanne

Karen Shepard

-Victoria Guest

Ellyn Spragins

Regina Thomas

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