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Centennial Celebration Project - 2007:  

Schuylkill Banks Gift

 During the summer of 2006, The Weeders’ Centennial Celebration Committee (CCC) was formed to consider the ways in which we might mark the 100th anniversary of our founding. Early on it was decided that a celebratory event was in order; that a garden club should rightly note the occasion with a “centennial” plant that would be of interest to a majority of the members; and that a significant gift should be made to a deserving project. We sought a project that would be lasting and that would be located in “neutral” territory, sensitive to the fact that Weeders come from all over the Delaware Valley. After much discussion, the Executive Committee concluded that planting large trees would be an appropriate endeavor and charged the CCC with finding a recipient worthy of the largest gift ever made by The Weeders. A check for $25,000 was presented to the Schuylkill Banks Development Corporation; the funds have been used to plant fifty trees on the riverbank just below the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There you can find a plaque that prominently recognizes The Weeders for our contribution.

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