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Welcome to the Weeder's Blog!

Updated: Feb 5

Please use this space to share stories, ideas, and photos with other Weeders. Do you have seeds or plants to share? Do you have questions for some of our hort gurus? Do you have new gardening tips to share? We will also post photos from recent workshops and outings.

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Thank you for this splendid website, Elaine….…and thank you Weeders for my membership into such a vibrant, knowledgeable, friendly and activated group of the most lovely ladies! Now for my question……might any of you know of a landscape professional who could assist me in the care of my increasingly complicated garden?


Luckily, I ran into Elaine at the market a few days ago and she mentioned ‘the blog’. I responded ‘what’s that?’ PLEASE, please, please tune into this. What a great way to stay in touch, offer plants, or anything else to other members!

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