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Weeders frequently exhibit in the Philadelphia International Flower Show, with entries ranging from individual plants or arrangements to larger exhibits, which require a team effort. This provides another avenue for getting to know club members. 


Gardeners who have been at it for any length of time eventually have too many plants. Many Weeders participate in spring and fall plant sales; some occasionally invite members to “come dig.”             


Club members are regularly active in community gardens, such as at the Hilltop House in Devon, the Strafford Train Station and the Gazebo Garden in Bryn Mawr. Help is greatly appreciated. This is another avenue for getting to know other members.           


New members are encouraged to participate and are assigned to committees based on their interests. The chief focuses of a garden club are horticulture, floral design, conservation and the environment and civic projects.

MarjorieStarrblankScreen Shot 2018-07-03
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