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Magnolia Tribute Garden

October 29, 2014

Marilyn S blank..jpg
Marilyn S blank..jpg

A tireless threesome of Weeders volunteered for a workday at the Magnolia Tribute Garden.  This is a small gem of a garden, although in need of TLC. It was given to the National Park Service in the 1950’s by the Garden Club of America, and since the bi-centennial has been maintained in part by volunteers from the ten clubs in Philadelphia (PCGCA). 


There are two workdays a year, and we are only asked to go one time. 

Wendy Bailey (fresh from hostessing the October meeting and chairing

the Ronald McDonald floral arrangement creation last week, Ellie Penniman, also heavily into chairing the Weeder December meeting and sale (with Becky Caldwell and crew), and Marilyn Sprague trudged downtown with trowels and spades and dug in for a few hours, clearing invasive ivy and spreading food for hungry azaleas and rhododendron. 


They loved what they learned about the garden and neighborhood

(Locust between 4th and 5th), and felt good about the improvements to thistiny treasure, so near Independence Hall. The morning was beautiful,

and the work rewarding.

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