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Meeting Minutes


The Weeders Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2018

St. Thomas Church, Whitemarsh


President Lorraine Wallace thanked our meeting chair, Karen Doyle, and hostesses Julie DeVuono and Diana Mason.  She also welcomed two guests:  Pam Bagby, guest of Michelle Bolton and Kathy Zurbach, guest of Karen Doyle.




Sad news:  Amy Frietag’s mother, Christine, passed.  She was a former GCA president and noted conservationist.


We have lost two Weeders.  Mary Butler and Emily Baker resigned. Emily sent a generous check.


Review of the June Meeting Minutes.  A motion was made to accept the minutes;

the motion was seconded and all approved.


At the GCA Zone meeting in Erie, The Weeders won multiple awards.  Alice Doering received the Zone V Judging Award: “With appreciation for her commitment to excellence in judging, mentoring, teaching and exhibiting”. Taddy Dawson received a First Place and Creativity Award in Photography, as well as a second for a different class.  Melissa Bullitt came forward at the last minute and went to Erie to enter her fabulous Underwater arrangement, for which she received a Red ribbon.


The Rare Plant Salewill be held September 24-28, from 9-12 at Alice Doering's house,43 Deepdale Rd, Wayne, PA. Her house is at the bottom of the driveway. Cash or checks only.There are a variety of propagated plants for sale-perennials, shrubs, trees, etc.


Education Opportunity:  Flower Show Education: FS 101, 201, 301 October 17, 18, 19 at Radnor Methodist church, Rosemont. $125/class. See GCA website for more information.


Invitations were distributed for the PCGCA November meeting “Bloomagainbklyn ”Wed Nov 7at Philadelphia Country Club, and also for the Fertilizer Fund, for those who did not already contribute.  We are aiming for 100% participation for the Fund, and ask that everyone make a donation, no matter how small.  

Margaret Sager explained that if you are 70.5 years or older, you can make contributions from your IRA and they are tax-free.   


Treasurer’s Report- Nancy Evans

The Report as of 9/18/18 was distributed, as well as the Proposed Budget for 2018-19.  Our total assets are $46,135.  Our projected expenses for this year are $16,236 and our projected income is $14,575, resulting in a difference of $-1661.  Our Vanguard fund is now stable, but lost approximately $1500 last year. The Finance Committee will investigate possible diversification of the funds, as well as other ways to raise money. 

There will be a major fundraiser in the fall of 2019. The Budget was approved.  




Awards– Patty Greenhalgh – no news.

Admissions– Weezie reported there are 2 new candidates, Laura Riedel and _Tamra___Adams.

There will be no Park Houseto decorate this Christmas season.

No Archivistsreport.

Christmas Sale– Linda reminds us to think ahead and prepare goodies for sale that can go into the freezer now.

Club Flower Show– Wendy Bailey – our next show is October 9 at Hilltop House.  Sign-up sheets were distributed.

Community Affairs- 

Strafford Station– Alice was not present; trees & shrubs were planted.

Gazebo Garden– Cheryl was not present; she will need help to clean up the beds.

Ronald McDonald House– Laura was not present; there will be 3 opportunities to make arrangements this year – the first will be October 10 at Laura Mitchell’s House.

Conservation- Biddie Edwards discussed ways to eliminate plastic waste at future Weeders meetings and luncheons.  These included bringing our own beverage containers, and using decomposing flatware, or “spudware.”  The Conservation Committee will do further research.


 Noteworthy items from the Zone meeting: Pitt Moss, made from waste paper, soil additive to lighten soil., superior to peat moss.

Plant Milkweed- Monarchs , 1 in 100 eggs hatch, Caterpillars lay eggs and feed only on milkweed (Asclepias syriaca, spreads by underground rhizomes, Asclepias tuberosa, Butterfly weed, Swamp milkweed, A. incarnate, tropical milkweed, A. curassavica, annual),,  Corks -, Drop off locations at Mom in Rosemont; What are You Drinking, 28 Summit Grove Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA, 19010; Radisson Hotel Valley Forge1160 First Avenue, King of Prussia, PA, 19406

Garden History & Design- Diane McCallister, Nancy Evans  - No news.

Horticulture– Michelle Bolton thanked members for attending the field trip to The Garden at Mille fleur in Bucks County last week – it was warm, but wonderful to experience the setting and the gardens.  She introduced her “Plant of the Month” = an aster, “Lady in Black,” Symphiotrichum lateriflorum.  Helpful tips: dab the bottom of fall bulbs with Vaseline to discourage squirrels from moving them;  use newspaper sleeves to shield hand when working around poison ivy. Challenge bulbs (Narcissus) for the April Flower Show will be available at the next meeting – please bring cash or check.

Photography– Melissa not present.

Print & Communication – Thank you to Cheryl and Karen Doyle for their work on the blue book, and updating “Who We Are.”

Program– Patty Minehart – Meeting to be held in early December.

Scholarship– Regina Wagner asked us to consider nominees for the Hull Award.  It is $1000 given for mentoring students under the age of 16 in horticulture and conservation.

Members are visiting local farms that work to serve their community.

Visiting Gardens– Polly reminds us to always ask her about opportunities as we travel.

Weeders Trips and Garden Tours– Cheryl and Karen Doyle – there will be a June bus trip to LeDew Gardens in MD   also seeking “pop up” opportunities in the spring.


New Weeders Website!  Taddy and Jackie are working on this and will give a slide presentation at the October meeting.  PLEASE BRING YOUR IPAD/LAPTOP to better follow along.  You will also receive emails giving previews of what is to come.


Our speaker was Bruce Crawford of Rutgers Gardens, discussing woody plants and companions.  He also gave us a handout “Mixed Borders – Perennial Borders with Shrubs.”  This included succinct advice on design as well as plant lists.  He invites us to visit, and perhaps become a member at the Rutgers Gardens.  


Respectfully submitted,

Christine Cacioppo

Assistant Recording Secretary

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