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Meeting Minutes


Weeders Meeting
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
St. Thomas’ Church, Ft. Washington

Lorraine Wallace opened the October meeting at 10:10 a.m. She thanked Meeting Chair Ellyn Spragins and Hostesses Jackie Burke and Michele Bolton for organizing the meeting and for their delectable edibles.


Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Evans handed out copies of the Treasurer’s Report, which is attached. She took a moment to focus on the item ‘Tribute’, explaining that so far we have received a total of $1,750 in memory of Wendy Calhoun.
A committee formed of local clubs Wendy was involved with has decided to plant a Coral bark Maple in Sharpe Park and Bird Sanctuary, Haverford, in her memory, and the Weeders have been asked to contribute $250. Therefore, any further donations to ‘Tribute’ should be designated for this purpose. Patty Minehart noted she would be glad to provide the tree from her nursery.

Marilyn Sprague made the motion to give $250 to this committee, Patty seconded it and the motion was passed. All funds donated in Wendy’s memory will be applied to the Tree Fund or to Weeder Conservation and Civic projects unless you specify otherwise.

Expenses: Lorraine reminded Committee Chairs to submit expense receipts to Nancy Evans.

PCGCA: Tuesday, October 22nd is the date for the meeting at Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech. Anyone wishing to attend the meeting, set for 10:00, please let Lorraine know.
Marilyn noted that, to date, 55 Weeders have contributed to the Fertilizer Fund, and she thanked them. Those who have not yet done so, please consider it. The amount given is not important, but participation is.

She reminded us that the Joint Meeting is coming up on Wednesday, November 6th at 10:30 at the Philadelphia Country Club. Every year, the Speaker for this meeting is always exceptionally interesting. The cost is $35, and lunch, if you wish to stay for it, is $25.

September Minutes: Ellie Penniman made a motion to approve the Minutes; it was seconded by Michele Bolton. The Minutes were approved.

Headshots for the Website: Lorraine reminded those who haven’t sent their photos to Taddy Dawson for inclusion on the website to please not forget this. In fact, Taddy’s here today and can take the photo for you.

Conservation: Biddie Edwards, fantastically dressed as a white oak, spoke briefly about why the white

FINAL Minutes October 15, 2019

oak group of trees is so important. Aside from the birds and wildlife they support, they don’t get the blight that is affecting the red oaks. She will present herself and her story at the Zone V Mini Meeting at Longwood Gardens, Thursday, October 17th.
Nancy Evans had some new recycling tips to pass along. Please see attachment.

The New Manual: Ellie Penniman and Nancy Holmes have finished a draft of a new handbook of job descriptions for Officers and Committee Chairs. When you get yours, please read carefully and send feedback to them.

Concourse Lake: Please remember this day of clean up, Wednesday, Oct. 16th, from 10:00 to noon, and come out to help if you can.

Ronald McDonald House: Flower arrangements will be made at Laura Mitchell’s house Wednesday, October 16th at 9:30. A sign-up sheet was circulated.

Rare Plant Sale: There will be a sale of rare plants at Alice Doering’s October 22 – 24, from 9:30 – noon. This is an opportunity to get some great plants, the proceeds going to various institutions to be decided upon, including, perhaps, Jenkins Arboretum.

Conifer Propagation Workshop: Again, at Alice’s, Monday, November 25th at 10:00. Come one, come all, and produce your own conifer.

Bulb Orders: If you ordered bulbs, please pay Michele Bolton or Alice.
Michele’s Tip of the Month: if you’re collecting seeds and can’t get to it right away, put a baggie around the seed head to collect the seed for you.
Plant(s) of the Month: Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’, which was a Challenge plant, and Euphorbia ‘Ascot’s Rainbow’, which has beautiful color – red tones shading into purple. It blooms in late summer and fall.

Blue Book: has been amended to indicate Karen Doyle is now Karen Shepard. The meeting was adjourned at 10:45.

Respectfully submitted,
Lesley Undercofler, Recording Secretary

Speaker: Ellyn Spragins introduced our speaker and her very dear friend, Katie Bliss, of Katie Bliss Gardening, who carried us through a year of gardening, month by month, in a terrific and witty program titled ‘Garden Chores Throughout the Year’.

FINAL Minutes October 15, 2019

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