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Meeting Minutes


Weeders Meeting and Flower Show

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hilltop House, Devon



Lorraine Wallace opened the September meeting at Hilltop House in Devon at 10:45.  She thanked Meeting Chair Alice Doering for organizing the meeting and planning our luncheon, along with Hostesses Sandy Cadwalader, Jen Fryberger, Cheryl Cheston, Jane Kline and Penny Watkins.  Next she welcomed new member Sharon Herrmann, Beth Vollmer, guest of Patty Greenhalgh, and Audrey Clancy, guest of Beth Hayes.  We then held a moment of silence for Wendy Calhoun, whose recent death was so sudden and unexpected.  Lorraine suggested we think of some special way to honor and remember her and asked us to consider ideas.

A motion was made to approve the June, 2019 Minutes.  It was seconded and the Minutes were approved.




Treasurer’s Report:  Nancy Evans briefly discussed the 2019-20 Budget, paying special attention to the item Expenses in Excess of Income.  It shows a deficit of $2355, but our checking account covers it.  She also explained that Restricted Funds are part of income, but are restricted as to how they are used.


Committee Chairs were reminded to make sure to submit any expense receipts to Nancy.


PCGCA:  Lorraine mentioned the upcoming meeting of PCGCA.  It will be held tomorrow, September 18, at Magee Rehab Hospital.  These meetings are always so interesting; anyone wanting to attend, please let her know.


Congratulations to Nancy Evans for winning Best in Show at the GCA Flower Show hosted by the Garden Club of Darien in May.  There is an item about it on the GCA website and on page 19 of Focus.


We were reminded to get a photo of ourselves to Taddy Dawson for our website.


Here are a few additions and changes to be made in our Blue Books:

      - Sharon Herrmann (Dawson Richardson) ‘19

          404 Rosement Press

          Newtown Square, 19073


          Cell: 704-591-0248

     - Avery Bissell: change from Prospect St. to Prospect Ave.

     - Chris Caccioppo: change zip code from 19047 to 19041

     - Laura Riedel: change phone to 484-919-0836

     - Lorraine Wallace: Delete landline 610-527-2308




Christmas Sale:  This year, Linda Anderson will act as an advisor only.  There will be a wreath making workshop again, as it was so popular last year.  More information about this meeting will be coming soon.


Gazebo Garden:  Cheryl Cheston announced there would be a clean-up day in the Garden at the end of October or early November.  Please come and help; the reward for your services will be lunch at her house afterward!


Strafford Station: The big news this summer was that we had the benefit of volunteer Owen Mitchell, Laura’s son, whose strong teen-age back enabled him to clear out vines and underbrush that had become well established in some areas and stymied us.  Sadly, he chose to return to school after Labor Day, but his summer contribution to the cause was non-pariel!


Ronald McDonald House:  Wednesday, October 16th is the date set for making flower arrangements at Laura Mitchell’s house.  The arrangements will be going to St. Christopher’s Hospital this year.


Conservation:  Biddie Edwards announced we are mandated to do a conservation exhibit for the Zone V Mini-Meeting on October 17th at Longwood Gardens.


Email:  Ellyn Spragins said she’s up to date with this, but will make the new changes in the Blue Book.


Finance:  Jackie Burke said we filed for a tax exempt number, but our request was denied.  She filed an appeal based on the reason they gave for denial and supplied updated and additional information.  The appeal process may take up to six months, so we’ll wait and see. 


Garden History and Design:  Diane McCallister noted Lynn Gibbons’ garden will be the next to be documented, but right now we’re waiting for construction to be completed.


Governance:  Ellie Penniman reported the job of amending the by-laws is finished.  Next, another document will be written to accompany the by-laws that will accommodate changeable items like committees.


Horticulture:  Michele Bolton announced she’ll be holding an overwintering demonstration at her home Wednesday, October 2nd.  She’s sending around a sign-up sheet for anyone interested in attending.  Also, this year we’ll be asked to sign up for Challenge plants in advance of distribution so we’re certain to have enough for everyone who wants them.  For those who miss the meeting, sign-up can also be done on the website.

Plant of the month - Dahlia ‘Choc’, part of the Karma series, was passed around.  It’s a beautiful deep, rich red.

Tip of the month – Cinnamon sprinkled on plants will inhibit fungus.

The Hort committee is putting together an album of past Flower Show entries to inspire and inform.

There will be a Hort committee meeting in October.


Concourse Lake:  Alice Doering issued a plea for volunteers to help with fall clean-up at Concourse Lake,  Wednesday, October 9th, from 10:00 – noon.  Also, the bulbs we ordered haven’t arrived in time to be given out today, so she will make sure she gets them to all who signed up for them.


PCGCA:  Marilyn Sprague gave a brief history of PCGCA and explained the importance of three of the committee’s projects:  - Fertilizer Fund

                                         - The Joint Meeting, to be held this year on Wednesday, November 6th, at the                     

                                                 Philadelphia Country Club  

                                         - Magnolia Tribute Garden

Please see Marilyn’s handout, which is attached, for more complete information about these very worthy projects.


Visiting Gardens:  Karen Shepard said they’re working on new ideas for a trip or tour.


Phoebe Driscoll brought up the subject of the dreaded and dreadful Spotted Lantern Fly and what to do about it.  Diane McCallister said we should check smooth-barked trees for egg masses and should scrape them off if found.  She also advised checking the Penn State website for information.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:40.



Respectfully Submitted,

Lesley Undercofler, Recording Secretary




Alice Doering introduced our speaker, Peter Cordray, who gave us an absolutely wonderful talk on ‘Bees through the Four Seasons’.                  

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