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Meeting Minutes


October 9, 2018

Meeting, Flower Show and Luncheon

Hilltop House, 570 Beaumont Rd., Devon, PA


President Lorraine Wallace thanked meeting chair Jackie Burke, and hostesses Connie Carlson, Karen Doyle, Jennifer Fryberger, Heather Gallagher, and Polly Garnett.  She welcomed our newest member, Laura Riedel, proposed by Cheryl Cheston.  We also welcomed Pam Bagby, a friend of Michele Bolton, who has joined us previously.  Patty Greenhalgh announced the TRUSTY TROWEL AWARD was given to Maria Thompson for her work behind the scene, but specifically for the restoration of the Morton Award Book.



Sad News:Elaine Lisle’s mother died after a 6 month battle with ALS.  By all accounts, she was an amazing woman, and we are encouraged to read her obituary on Facebook.


Treasurer’s Report:  Nancy Evans not present.


Fertilizer Fund:  We were informed that the Weeders ranks very highly for overall donations, with an average amount of $73, the most common amount being $100.  However, we are one of the lowest in terms of how many of us contribute.  We are encouraged to donate, even with a very small amount.  $5 is fine.


Review of September minutes – accepted without change.


Congratulations to Alice and Linda, whose article on Strafford Station was featured in the current GCA Bulletin.  There was also an obituary for Christine Freitag’s mother.  


PCGCA Joint Meeting– “Bloom Again Brooklyn” will be Wed, Nov 7, 10 am at PCC.  You can sign up on PCGCA website.


A sign-up sheet was passed for making flower arrangements for Ronald McDonald House– tomorrow, Wednesday, October 10th,at Laura Mitchell’s. 9:30.  Bring clippers and cuttings from your garden. 


Physic Garden Workdays will be October 18, 29 and November 29(with lunch). The garden is located at Pine Street, between 8thand 9th.  Email Laurie Marshall


There will be a Conifer Cuttings Workshop at Alice Doering’s, Monday, November 26 at 10:00. Bring cuttings to share.  The cost is $5. Sign-up was passed.


Michele Bolton brought 2 types of Narcissus bulbs to be planted asap, and presented at the April Flower Show.  These were sold out, but she is trying to get more.


Julie DeVuono and Cheryl Cheston talked about highlights of the proposed Weeders trip to Maine, July 14-17, 2019.  Details were sent via email prior to the meeting.  A sign-up was passed.  Julie or Nancy will be happy to answer any questions.


Our next meeting will be December 4th at St. Christopher’s Church, Gladwyne.  We will be making our usual small table arrangements to donate, but this year we will have the opportunity to make wreaths for ourselves.  Lynn and Diane will head this effort.  Please bring $10 to cover costs, your clippers, and also a HUGE bag of fresh greens, smaller pieces preferred.  A sign-up was passed.


Diane McCallister reported on the Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference, which featured Longwood, Winterthur, and private gardens in the area.  She heard wonderful local speakers, and will propose names to the Program Committee. Diane also discussed the current boxwood blight - which has arrived in Haverford, near the Cricket Club - the best ways to help deter it and prevent further spread.  Infected debris should be disposed of in tightly closed plastic bags and taken to a landfill.  Be careful not to track it to other locations via footware.  


Julie DeVuono discussed ongoing PECO work, which is taking out vast numbers of trees in order to install more and larger power lines in her neighborhood.  She advises not to sign the paper they will leave at your door, and to try to negotiate with those in charge to save as many trees as possible.  Please spread the word – this will be coming to many of us.


Biddie Edwards announced that the new U.N. report on climate change is available – just Google it.


Melissa Bullitt announced a new photo opportunity: In Focus magazine, the photography publication of the GCA is having a photo contest.  Glorious gardens photo contest is available for entries online THE GARDEN CLUB OF AMERICA.



Our meeting focused on our new wonderful website.  Designer Taddy Dawson took us through and showed us how to navigate, ending with the compelling video “How Wolves Changed Rivers.”   This presentation was followed by two talks, “Demystifying Hort Judging” by Alice St. Clair Long, from Zone IV and “Floral Design Judging” by Ginny Tiejens.


Respectfully submitted,

Christine Cacioppo

Assistant Recording Secretary

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