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Meeting Minutes


The Weeders Meeting, Minutes

St Christopher’s Church, Gladwyne December 4, 2018


9:30     Coffee and Goodies

10:00   Announcements and Table Top Arrangements

10:30   Holiday Sale

11:30   Wreath Making Workshop



President Lorraine Wallace opened the meeting with a big thanks to:


Meeting Chairs: Linda Anderson, Sonya Driscoll

Table Top Arrangements:  Polly Garnett

Wreath Making Workshop: Lynn Gibbons, plus Diane McCallister and Ellen Pemberton as helpers

Comestible Holiday Sale and Check out: Wendy Calhoun, Biddie Edwards

Hostesses: Jane Kline, Lesley Undercofler for providing the goodies for all to enjoy.


Lorraine welcomed our newest member, Tamra Adams, and introduced  the following guests:  Anne Marbel, guest of Elaine Lisle, Monica Church, guest of Maria Thompson, Phyllis Pope, visiting sister-in-law of Julie DeVuono from Arizona, and Lisa Dunhour, guest of Cheryl Cheston.




Sad News: Julie DeVuono's father-in-law, Henry DeVuono, passed away on Thanksgiving Day.


Treasurer's Report: Nancy Evans  - $45,000 on hand. See attached report for details.


Fertilizer Fund: The Weeders have generously given a total of $6,735 to the Fertilizer Fund with an average of $103.61. All but 11members have donated which accounts for 84%  participation from our club.


Review of October Minutes: Motion to accept, seconded and approved.


Contributions to various organizations: It is time to review our budget for monetary commitments to outside organizations. An online survey will be sent by email to get everyone’s feelings on how and how much money we contribute. Survey will be out by end of December (hopefully).  Please take the time to fill it out and return the survey


Database: Ellie and Lorraine have been working with Patty Greenhalgh's son, David, on development of the membership data base. They are making good progress.


Member Photograph's: Melissa Bullitt and Nancy Evans will be taking new headshots of our members. If you have a good photo of yourself please send to Lorraine.


Tabletop Arrangements:  Thanks to all for bringing all of the beautiful greens for making the table top arrangements.  This year the arrangements will be going to Dunwoody, not Bryn  Mawr rehab.


GH & D report: Julie DeVuono brought the finished version of the Garden History & Design book for Inta Krombolz's property in West Chester, Fox Hollow, for the Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens. She received an email from the Zone V GH&D Committee commending our chapter for the great job that was done, stating that it is a great example of how to document a garden.


Happy Birthday!!   Cheryl Cheston led the meeting attendees with singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LORRAINE WALLACE AND ELAI NE LISLE! And many more!


Lorraine then adjourned the meeting so that the Holiday Sale could commence followed by the Wreath Making Workshop.


Respectfully submitted,


Nancy H. Holmes Recording Secretary

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