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Meeting Minutes


The Weeders Annual Meeting

Meeting Minutes 

June 11, 2019

Cheryl Cheston’s Home

1337 Partridge Lane

Villanova, PA


June Minutes



President Lorraine Wallace opened the meeting at 10:00am with a heartfelt “Thank You” to Cheryl Cheston for welcoming us to her home for the Annual Meeting.  Thanks also to Meeting Co-Chair, Karen Doyle & hostesses Nancy Evans, Diane McAlllister, Ellen Pemberton, Anne Rhoads & Kim Frisbie for preparing the lunch.




Maria Thompson has been ill over the past several weeks and a get well card was passed around for all to sign.  Wishing her a speedy recovery!


We received a resignation letter from Lia Calhoun, who has been very busy and unable to attend meetings.


Cynthia Wallace celebrated her 102ndbirthday on June 14th!!! Happy Birthday!!


Home composting -  Lorraine passed out some flyers from a home composting service called Mother Compost.  They will drop off a bucket to your home, you fill it with food & organice materials and then they will pick it up.  The web address is  Karen Doyle also reported about a service she learned about at the GCA Annual meeting called Bootstrap Compost that has a similar concept -


New Policy’s & Procedures:  

Awards – Lorraine announced that the Executive Committee voted to return to giving out awards annually rather than every two years.  There will no longer be Annual Meetings on buses.  Trips will be completely separate from the Annual Meeting.

Blue Book– We will now print the Blue Book as a pamphlet, not loose-leaf.  You will still be able to put your pamphlet for the year into your Blue Book binder.


Founders Fund Winner – Lorraine announced that the winner of the Founders Fund Award went to Abrams Creek Wetlands Preserve: Restoring a Calcareous Muck Fen. (The Weeders cast their vote for the third place winner: Sniff & Savor).


PCGCA Annual Meeting– The meeting will be held at Bartram’s Garden at 10:00 am Wednesday June 19th.  Please let Lorraine know if you wish to attend.


Propagation Workshop – Alice Doering will be holding a Semi-Hardwood Proagation Workshop at her home at 10:00 am Tuesday June 25th. RSVP to Alice. 


Review of the May Minutes:  A motion was made to accept the minutes; the motion was seconded and all approved. 


Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Evans provided an overview of the assets, expenses and distributions.  (See attached report for details).




At the Annual Meeting, it is customary for all Committee Chairman to give an oral and written report of the activities of their committee for the past year.  Below you will find a list of the committees and the Chairman.  Each detailed report is attached separately.


1.  ADMISSIONS & MEMBERSHIP– Marilyn Sprague (report attached) 


2.  ARCHIVIST- Maria Thompson (Given by Lorraine Wallace) (report attached)


3.  CHRISTMAS SALE- Linda Anderson – oral report. We had $1366.00 in sales last year. Linda is asking for more committee members to help with the sale activities. 


4.  CLUB FLOWER SHOW– Wendy Bailey (report attached).



5.a  Ronald McDonald House– Laura Mitchell – (report attached). 

5.b Stafford Station- Alice Doering, (report attached)

5.c  Gazebo Garden at Bryn Mawr – Cheryl Cheston (report attached)


6.  CONSERVATION- Biddie Edwards  (report attached)  


7.  FINANCE– Jackie Burke (report attached)


8.  GARDEN HISTORY AND DESIGN– Diane McAllister (oral report)  Diane reported that the effort to document Lynn Gibbons is slow due to tree damage to parts of the house and garden, which is in the process of being repaired and redesigned.  The project will take much longer than anticipated.


In addition, Nancy Evans provided an oral report of her attendance at a Zone V Garden History & Design Conference in Western Pennsylvinia.


9.  GCA ANNUAL MEETING– Karen Doyle (report attached)


10.  GCA BULLETIN–Marilyn Sprague (report attached)


11.  GOVERNANCE/NOMINATING– Ellie Penniman (report attached)


12.  HORTICULTURE–Michele Bolton – (report attached) 


13.  PCGCA – Fertilizer fund & Magnolia Tribute Garden – Marilyn Sprague (report attached)


14.  PHOTOGRAPHY– Melissa Bullitt (report attached)


15.  PRINT AND COMMUNICATIONS–Cheryl Cheston & Karen Doyle (report attached)


16.  PROGRAM–Patty Minehart (report attached)


17.  SCHOLARSHIP– Sonya Driscoll and Regina Wagner (report attached


18.  VISITING GARDENS- Polly Garnett  (report attached)


19.  MR. PROJECTOR– Nancy Holmes made a poetic plea on behalf of Mr. Projector to find him and his sidekick, Ms. Screen, a home for the summer. Heather Gallagher answered the call and Mr. Projector and Ms. Screen are now lounging in her barn.  The letter written by Mr. Projector is attached.


20.  PRESIDENT’S REPORT  - Lorraine Wallace - Due to time constraints Lorraine did not read her report but is it attached.




SLATE OF NEW OFFICERS – Ellie Pennimanpresented the 2019 Slate of Officers for our club. A motion was to accept the slate of officers, motion seconded with unanoumous approval by all.  On behalf of the Weeder’s Garden Club, Recording Secretary Nancy Holmes cast one vote for the slate of officers as presented.  See attached report for the 2019 Slate of Officers.


ADJOURNMENT – After the Committee Reports, everyone gathered on the lawn of Cheryl’s home for a delightful lunch provided by our hostesses.  After lunch, Cheryl led a caravan of Weeders to Lorraine Wallace’s garden for a garden tour!


Respectfully submitted,


Nancy H Holmes

Recording Secretary

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