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Meeting Minutes


April 10, 2018

St. Thomas Church, Whitemarsh

9:30am            Coffee & Goodies

10:00am          Business Meeting

10:45am          Talk by Carolyn Adams:  Garden History of Zone V


President Jackie Burke opened the meeting with a big “Thank you” to Karen Doyle & Patty Minehart who stepped in for Daryl Hanlon.  She also thanked the Hostesses Melissa Bullitt and Ellie Penniman for providing the goodies and coffee and to Nancy Holmes for taking care of the “techy stuff”.




Review of the March Meeting Minutes – One correction to the minutes was noted.  Our speaker last month was Janice Kelsey, not Janet.  A motion was made to accept the minutes with the revision, motion was seconded and all approved.


Treasurer’s Report - Nancy Evans

The budget documents were attached to poster board and displayed in the coffee area so that everyone can see the line items – please look at it and contact Nancy Evans if you have any questions.


Our dues notice will be sent out soon.  A space will be provided for suggestions for a recipient of The Morton Awards.  Please make a note in the provided section should you wish to submit a fellow Weeders name.


You will also be able to include a separate contribution to The Fertilizer Fund at the same time you submit your check for the dues. 


Also included will be the slate of nominees for the officers of The Weeders as presented by the Nominating Committee.


Budget Report is attached.



PCGCA – The PCGCA Fertilizer Fund Grants for 2018 were announced at the March 26, 2018 meeting.  $40,671.19 will be distributed to 16 different projects.  They are:


John Bartram Garden

Cedar Park Neighbors

Clark Schools for Hearing and Speech

Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion

Smith Memorial Playground

Social Fundraising and Gathers, Inc.



Pennsylvania Hospital Physic Garden

Philadelphia Orchard Project

Sacred Heart Home

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital

Methodist Home for Children

Neighborhood Garden Trust

Strawberry Mansion

Urban Tree Connection


AWARDS – Patricia Doolittle asked everyone to let her know if you have a suggestion for The Morton Award.  And don’t forget to send a list of your outside entries and awards to Melissa Bullitt.


ADMISSION & MEMBERSHIP:  Cheryl Cheston announced that Weezie Johnston is having a luncheon for new members at her home following today’s meeting.


Club Flower Show – Patty Greenhalgh is looking for a co-chair for the flower show next year.  This would be a great opportunity for a new member if anyone is interested. She also encouraged new members to be on the flower show committee


On Thursday June 14 we have a tentative reservation for a 2-3-hour flower arranging workshop held by Jenny Love of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers.  She can accept 10 people and the fee is $175 per person.  A sign-up sheet was passed around for those who are interested in attending.




            Strafford Station – Alice reported that the Centennial Magnolia that was planted by The Weeders is in full bloom!  Septa has mulched, and the grounds look wonderful. Septa is hard at work building the bike shelter (that we did not want!) and painting the building.  The gardens are awakening, and we will start planting the pots in a couple of weeks.   Watch for an email if you are on the committee.


Gazebo Garden – Cheryl announced that we will be begin working on the gardens within the next two weeks. She passed around a sign-up sheet for anyone that is available and would like to help. It included a picture with smiling faces after a day of hard work during cleanup last year! 


Ronald McDonald House – Decorations will be made on Wednesday April 18 at Laura Mitchells House.


GARDEN HISTORY & DESIGN – it’s coming!!!!!!!!


GCA BULLETIN – Linda Anderson is working to get an article about Strafford Station and /or the Gazebo Gardens into the Bulletin.  Linda will let GCA know that we wish to do this.


HORTICULTURE – Nancy Holmes gave an update on the Spring Field Trip to Bowman’s Hill on April 24.  April 16th is the deadline to sign up.  A detailed communication will be sent to all of those going on the Field Trip. 


Alice Doering announced that she has come down with some kind of disease called propagationitis.  The only cure is to make more plants (babies), which she has done. She brought them in for anyone who wishes to take home an “oddball” plant, a baby of Geranium Prince Rupert and a nice red salvia.  


NOMINATING COMMITTEE – Sally Wood advised that the slate of officers will be mailed this week with the dues notice.


PROGRAM COMMITTEE – Patty Minehart advised that our second planning meeting for the 2018/2019 programs will be held April 25 at Karen Doyle’s Home.


Additionally, Patty and Nancy Holmes attended the Zone V “Ravs & Favs” meeting at Ludington Library on April 9th.   Each club shared 3 of their favorite programs from the past year. We also had a review of how to navigate the GCA website to find information on program ideas from clubs across the country.


VISITING GARDENS –  Polly Garnett can arrange a tour outside of our area if you are going to be traveling and are interested in a tour of a GCA garden.


WEEDERS TRIPS & GARDEN TOURS –  Cheryl Cheston announced that the Stoneleigh Mansion in Villanova is opening on Mother’s Day.  She is planning an organized tour of Stoneleigh in Villanova including a lunch for those who are interested.  The date is TBD.  Stay tuned!!


Next year we are hoping to schedule a tour of Ladew Topiary Gardens in Maryland.


Old Business – N/A


New Business – N/A


With no further business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting; motion seconded and approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy H. Holmes

Recording Secretary



Patricia Minehart introduced our speaker Carolyn Adams who is Chairman of Zone V Garden History & Design. 


Her talk was entitled “GCA Collection at the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Gardens”  -  Capturing Garden History in Zone V.” The Archives of American Gardens (AAG), an important resource managed by the Smithsonian Gardens, offers landscape designers, historians, preservationist, researchers, garden enthusiasts and others access to over 100,000 photographic images and records documenting over 7,500 historic and contemporary gardens and landscapes through the United States.* (*quoted from GCA website)


Since 1987 a major component of the AAG has been the Garden Club of America Collection. It contains over 40,000 images and related written material documenting over 1700 gardens.  Last year 41 gardens were documented by the GCA.


Carolyn showed examples of gardens that have been documented by the GCA including many submissions by the Weeders. She spoke of how important it is to include such elements of design as seating, art, water, structures, orchards, etc. and also vegetable gardens and compost bins.  Each garden is photographed through 4 seasons of change.


A showcase of Weeder Gardens that have been documented as part of this program included:


Culp Garden 2001-02

Edward & Louise Carter Garden -  2003

Brookview Farm – 2003

Schuylkill River Park – 2005-06

Phyllis Williams Garden – 1985-1990

Toad Hall – 2003-06

Tunnel Farm – 2008 – 11

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