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Meeting Minutes


Meeting and Flower Show

September 19, 2017

Jenkins Arboretum, Devon


Jackie Burke welcomed members to the September 19th club meeting at 10:45am at the Jenkins Arboretum.  Prior to the opening of the business meeting, registration and passing for the Fall Flower Show entries occurred.  Results of the Fall Flower Show are attached.
Our two newest members were introduced and welcomed:  Marty Morse and Marianna Wilson.  Also in attendance was Heather Gallagher, the guest of Julie DeVuono,  and Jen Fryberger, the guest of Diane McCallister.
Jackie also thanked Nancy Holmes who served as chair of the September meeting and the hostesses Julie DeVuono, Diana Mason, Jeanne May, Cindy Pierce and Anne Rhoads.
Announcements followed:
Minutes of June 2017 meeting:  Motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes of the June 2017 meeting.  Motion passed
Slate of Officers:
At the June 2017 meeting, The Nominating Committee proposed the following slate for officers to serve until June 2019:
Recording Secretary – Nancy Holmes
Assistant Recording Secretary – Ellyn Spragins
Corresponding Secretary – Lorraine Wallace
Nominees for Admissions Committee to serve until June 2020 are:
            Michel Bolton
Tricia Cove
A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the slate of new officers.
Treasurer’s Report:
Nancy Evans provided an overview of the 2017/2018 annual budget. Hard copies were passed out that included a list of expenses by year going back to 2014/2015.  (Document attached). 
The purpose of the upcoming fundraiser is to raise additional funds so we don’t have to dip into our Vanguard account.    It was decided to examine any income over our projected expenses, plus use the interest from our Vanguard fund and support some of our Conservation causes but perhaps not give as much as other years.  Finance Committee and executive Committee feels strongly that we should not let the Vanguard Fund dip below $25,000
A motion was made, seconded and the budget for 2017/2018 passed.
Jackie distributed invitations to the Joint Meeting, which will be held Wednesday November 1, 2017 at the Philadelphia Country Club.  RSVP required.
Appeals for contributions to the Fertilizer Fund were also passed out.  Our goal is to have 100% participation from our members.  It doesn’t have to be a large amount – just send something!!
PHS Flower Show:
Laura Mitchell has agreed to be the Chair for an entry into the Windowsill Class called “Roots”.  Please volunteer!!  A sign up sheet was passed around.  A plan must be submitted by October 20th, so please talk to Laura.
Lorraine Wallace and Marilyn Sprague are bravely serving as Co-Chairs for this event to be held Saturday October 28th at Laura and Ken Mitchell’s home.  The e-invitation has been sent.  Marilyn is working on the food list, Ellie is working on the Silent Auction, Wendy is in charge of decorating - there is lots to be done and volunteers are needed!!  Be on the lookout for a sign-up sheet to be emailed to the entire club by Lorraine.  The party is just before Halloween and dress up is encouraged! Prizes will be given to the scariest and most bountiful hats and or masks.
Spouses and guests are welcome! It should be a fun night!!
Bulb-Forcing Workshop
Michelle Bolton will be hosting a bulb-forcing workshop at her home on October 17th.  2 Bulbs will be available for a cost of $15.00. Sign up sheet was passed around for those who are interested.
Committee Updates:
Admissions:  Cheryl reported that we are always looking for new active members and that we should have another official member soon.
Christmas Sale – Biddie Edwards demonstrated bag to be sold at Christmas sale.
Club Flower Show – Melissa Bullitt showed the group a flower arrangement she made at a class, which was held at Longwood Gardens.  There are lots of classes open there if anyone is interested.
Community Affairs – Ronald McDonald House - Arrangements will be made at Laura Mitchell’s house Wed Oct 11 at 9:30 AM
Strafford Station – Alice reports of the drama surrounding the work we are trying to do at Strafford Station.  There was a huge push by Septa to put up an enormous bike shelter where we are trying to plant – Alice fought and lost!!  To appease her, Septa agreed to remove five dead tress and replant with new ones.  However, they didn’t listen to her suggestions for new plant material and instead planted a Willow Oak and a Sugar Maple!   Alice is begging them to put up a down spout and rain gutter so we can install a rain barrel. She thinks we are coming along on that one. We will see how it goes!
Gazebo Garden – Cheryl is always looking for more people to help out at the garden.
Conservation Committee – looking for new blood.  Talk to Biddie Edwards if you are interested.  If you would like to be added to the monthly emails that Biddie sends out to her committee let her know.  They are very informative.
Garden History – work almost done on the documentation of Inta Krombolz’s Garden in West Chester, PA.   Just one little task left to do!  Julie reports that the property has been sold and the new owners are removing trees to make room for goats, chickens and alpacas!  Julie commented that this is the perfect example of a phenomenal garden that has been documented but will be ruined forever.  So sad. ….
GCA Bulletin- Linda Anderson reported that the Fall 207 issue of “Grow” magazine features an article about Inta Krombolz’s garden and an article about Chris Bolden-Newsome and Ty Holmberg, both recipients of scholarship money from The Weeders.
Horticulture- Alice Doering will have challenge plants for sale; one type for the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show and one type for our Club Flower Show.
Photography – Melissa Bullitt and Nancy Evans will be holding a workshop Tuesday Oct 3rd  (not Wed the 4th as listed in Blue Book) for those who are interested in learning how take better photos with their phone.  Bring phone and charger.  The cost is $20.
Print & Communications – Lorraine and Cheryl are looking for more volunteers to help with putting together the program book, etc. 
Program Committee – Karen Doyle thanked all who signed up to be chairs, hostesses, etc for this year’s meetings.  50 slots were filled and that is AWESOME!!
Weeder Trips and Garden Tours – Jackie reported that the Visiting Garden GCA representative is Polly Garnett.  If you are traveling outside our area, and wish to see private gardens, contact her and she will get you set up through GCA.
Cheryl Cheston and Wendy Bailey are going to co chair Weeder Trips and local Garden Tours.  Let them know if you have any ideas of places you would like to see.  They have some new ideas to explore with some of our own Wonderful Weeder Gardens.
After the business portion of the meeting Nancy Holmes introduced our speaker Steve Wright, Director of Horticulture and Curator of Plants at Jenkins Arboretum.  Steve talked to us about the efforts that Jenkins has underway to document, propagate and preserve endangered species at the arboretum.
After the talk, the meeting was adjourned followed by lunch and announcement of winners of the flower show.
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy H Holmes
Recording Secretary

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