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12 Tues.      Executive Committee Meeting  9:30 location TBD


19 Tues.      Business Meeting and Speaker (morning only)

                   at Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens, 631 Berwyn Baptist Road, Devon.

                   The Anna Lloyd Hayward Lecture: 

                   Bill Cullina, Executive Director, Morris Arboretum,

                   “Conjugal Partners: The Remarkable Co-evolution of Flowers and their Pollinators”

                    9:30 Coffee
                   10:00 Business Meeting
                   10:45 Talk by Bill Cullina
                   11:30 Ephemeral walk through Jenkins with Bill Culina and Tom Smarr

                   Meeting Chairs — Ellyn Spragins, Sally Wood

                   Hostesses — Polly Garnett, Gretchen Kiernan, Cindy Pierce


26 Tues.    Ronald McDonald House Arrangements   9:30    Chair — Ellen Pemberton

21 Wed.    Magnolia Tribute Garden Workday,

                                   Providence, The Weeders, West Chester


26 Mon.    GCA Annual Meeting  Hybrid/Parsippany, NJ


 End of April- May
Self-guided Lancaster County Nursery Day

(See Nursery list)