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Meeting Minutes


The Weeders Meeting

Minutes, March 12, 2019

St. David’s Church

Meeting, Business Meeting


9:30 am Coffee and Goodies

10:00 am Announcements/Business Meting

11:00  am Guest Speaker:  Kris Berry, New and Unusual Annuals


President Lorraine Wallace opened the meeting by welcoming those in attendance and thanking our Meeting Chair, Alice Doering and Hostesses Regina Wagner and Laura Mitchell.


Our newest member, Pam Bagby could not be in attendance today. (Proposed by Michele Bolton)


Guests joining us today are: Kelli Czajkowski, guest of Julie DeVuono; Melissa Schwieter and Laura Carpenter, guests of Heather Gallagher.




Congratulations to PHS Flower Show entrants:  Melissa Bullitt, 2nd place in 1st round of design entries; Beth Bartle, 3rd place in 3rd round of design entries; Taddy Dawson, 2nd place in Photography; Alice Doering, 6 2nd place entries and 4 Honorable Mentions.  Hurray and Kudos!!


Scholarship Donation:  Tessa Hooper has made a $1,000 gift to the Scholarship Committee.  The Chair and Vice Chair, Sonya Driscoll and Regina Wagner will be in charge of directing the money.


GCA Founders Fund:   The Weeders voted to support the Sniff & Savor Garden at the Pittsburg Botanic Garden, proposed by the Garden Club of Allegheny County, Zone V.  Lorraine will cast the vote on behalf of the Weeders.


Request for Mac Book computer: We are still in need of a MacBook laptop computer for our database project.  If anyone has one in good working order to donate to The Weeders, please let Lorraine know.


Business Meeting:


Review of the January Minutes (February meeting was cancelled due to weather).    Nancy Holmes provided two corrections to the minutes which will be revised and recirculated.  Motion made, 2nded and approved with revisions.


Treasurer’s Report:  See attached report. (Attached).


Highlight’s of Executive Committee Meeting, January 22, 2019:  To better cover rising administration costs (particularly fees for GCA mandated events), The Executive Committee has voted to increase our dues from $150 to $200/per year.  In addition, non-resident members will pay the same dues as an resident members.

The Executive Committee is also working on revising the By-Laws to reflect our current practices, updating job Descriptions and creating a Policy & Procedures Manual.  More information on these activities to come. 


Flower Show Committee:  Wendy Bailey announced that the planning meeting for the April 9th flower show will be held Tuesday March 26th.  New members are encouraged to attend.



A sign-up sheet was passed around for those interested in attending a Winterthur Workshop.  They give Garden Clubs a reduced price.


Community Affairs:


  • Ronald McDonald House – Laura Mitchell announced that another round of flower arranging will be held April 17th.

  • Strafford Station: Alice Doering announced we will be starting our spring planting in a few weeks.  Let her know if you are interested in joining the group.

  • Gazebo Garden:  Cheryl Cheston will be sending out an announcement for the April cleanup day soon.


  • :  Biddie Edwards provided an update on conservation related goings-on.  Report Attached.


GCA Bulletin: Marilyn Sprague has written and submitted an article about our Ronald McDonald project.


Horticulture:  Michele Bolton brought in her Plant of the Month – galanthus.  It can be divided after it blooms.


PCGCA Meetings: The next meeting is March 20 and there will be a vote on civic projects.  Let Lorraine or Patty Greenhalgh know if you would like to attend any of these meetings in the future.


Photography:  Melissa Bullitt announced a photography workshop to be held by Zone V at Jenkins Arboretum on May 8th.  The cost is $90.  Let her know if you are interested.


Program Committee:  Patty Minehart announced that a Program Committee meeting will be held on March 19th at Nancy Holmes home.  Any new member is welcome to join us.


Website & Database:  We are ready to start uploading head shots of all members.  If you have not done so already, please send a good photo to Lorraine.


In addition, Taddy Dawson announced that any sign-up sheets or other items that we need to send out to members can be posted to the website.  Let her know if you have something to upload.


June Annual Meeting Bus Trip:  Cheryl Cheston passed around a sign-up sheet for those interested in going on the Bus Tour/Annual Meeting in June to gardens in Maryland & Delaware.  Cost TBD.


With no further announcements, Lorraine adjourned the meeting.


Guest Speaker:  Patty Minehart introduced our speaker, Kris Berry, who spoke to us about “New and Unusual Annuals”.


Respectfully submitted,


Nancy H. Holmes

Recording Secretary

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