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Meeting Minutes


Rushton Conservation Center

Malvern, PA

January 15, 2019


9:30 Coffee and Goodies

10:00 Announcements

10:25 Susan Yeager, GCA Zone V Chair

10:30 Guest Speakers: Lisa Kiziuk, Director of the Rushton Bird Conservation Program and Fred deLong, Director of the Rushton Farm Community Farm Program


President Lorraine Wallace, opened the meeting with a big thanks to:

Meeting Chair: Nancy Holmes, subbing for Ellyn Spragins

Hostesses:  Chris Cacioppo & Melissa Bullitt


Lorraine welcomed our guest, Susan Yeager, GCA Zone V Chair, Melissa Schweiter, guest of Heather Gallagher and Cortie Ervin, guest of Floy Ervin. Our newest member, Monica Church who was sponsored by Maria Thompson, could not be with us today but will hopefully join us next month. 




Sad News: Ellyn Spragins son, Tucker Witty, died suddenly last week at the age of 29.  A service will be at Mauger Givnish Funeral Home in Malvern on January 26th at 1 pm, followed by a reception at the Radnor Hunt Club.  Our sincere condolences go out to Ellyn and her family.


Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Evans  - $45,282.86 on hand.  See attached report for details.


PCGCA / Fertilizer Fund – Lorraine provided an explaination of what PCGCA does for Zone V.  “The Philadelphia Committee of the Garden Club of America also known as "PCGCA" was established in 1964 with the purpose to support projects that could not be carried out by any single club membership is made up of the members affiliated with the ten Zone V GCA garden clubs.  The Committee is financed by annual contributions to the "Fertilizer Fund" from club members, club dues, and honorariums.  100 % of the money is placed in the Fertilizer Fund and is used to support projects of non-profit organizations located within the city limits for the purpose of improving its residents' quality of life and their environment through avenues of horticulture”. (excerpted from PCGCA website, nhh)


Lorraine showed slides of the Clark Schools for Hearing & Speech as an example of a project that received funding from the Fertilizer Fund. At future meetings she will highlight other projects so that members of our club will have a better understanding of what our contributions to the Fertilizer Fund helps to support.


The Weeders have generously given a total of $6,930 to the Fertilizer Fund last year which accounts for a 92% participate rate from our club!! Of the 10 clubs in Zone V, we were 1st in the amount of money donated and 2nd in member participation!  Nice job!

Survey:  Conservation/Civic Project Donation Survey – As mentioned at the December meeting, Lorraine informed the group that the survey was sent out to get members input on how and how much money we should contribute to support club donations for outside conservation and civic projects.  So far only 15 people has responded.  Please check your email and let Lorraine know if you did not receive it.


Annual Potluck Invitation – The invitations for the 7th Annual Weeder Potluck Supper have been emailed. We will gather on 6:00pm on Wednesday, January 23rd at Lorraine's home. Please be sure to RSVP and choose a dish to bring.


Database:  Ellie and Lorraine have been working with Patty Greenhalgh’s son, David, on development of the membership data base.  Things are perking along!


Weeder trip to Maine: Sally Wood gave an update on the planning for the Maine trip in July.  The deadline to commit to attending is January 31st at which time we will require a deposit.  If there is anyone who has not signed up but still wants to go please let Sally or Nancy know.


Knit & Stitch – Cheryl Cheston is seeking those who are interested in participating in casual,

drop-in knit/sew/chat sessions.  She will send out an email asking folks to let her know their interest and to also share their ideas on how it might work.  Watch for the email!!


Plant of the Month – Michele Bolton brought in a cutting of her Hamamelis intermedia, a beautiful rust colored & fragrant Witch Hazel. 


Review of December Minutes: Motion to accept, seconded and approved.


Surprise Guest:  Lorraine introduced Susan Yeager, our GCA Zone V Chair.  Susan represents the 10 clubs in Zone V and plans to attend a meeting at each club during her tenure.  She gave a short presentation on how GCA is organized and how it works to support our club.  At the December 2018 GCA Quarterly Business Meeting, each zone chair was asked to give a presentation about someone they considered a “leader”.  She chose to speak about our very own Alice Doering and read to us the tribute that she presented at the GCA Business meeting!!   Her tribute is attached to the minutes and will become part of our Weeders permanent record!!  Go Alice!!!! 


Guest Speaker:  Nancy Holmes introduced Kat Gord, Director of the Rushton Conservation Center, who gave us an overview of the newly opened center which served as our meeting venue.  She spoke of the RCC’s mission and its work as part of the Willistown Conservation Trust.  She then introduced Lisa Kiziuk, Director of the Rushton Bird Conservation Program and Fred deLong, Director of the Rushton Community Farm Program. Together, they gave an enlightening presentation about how the farm program and the birding program are interconnected, boosting biodiversity while building healthier communities.  Please go to to learn more about this amazing organization and the wonderful work that they are doing!


Lorraine then adjourned the meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Nancy H. Holmes

Recording Secretary

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