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Fall Flower Show

September 21, 2021

“Footloose and Fancy Free”


Horticulture Classes


     1)  Cut Flowering Woody Branch, not to exceed 24”

            a. Hydrangea

            b. Other

     2)  Cut Branch/Stem with Berries or Seed Pods, not to exceed 30”

            a. Woody

                i. Viburnum

                ii. Callicarpa

                iii. Other

            b. Herbaceous Perennial
            c. Annual/Tender Perennial

     3)  Best Bloom, one stem
            a. Annual/Tender Perennial

            b. Herbaceous Perennial

     4) Any Potted Plant

         Owner requirement — 3 months.            

            a. Flowering         

                  i.Pot 6” and under         

                  ii.Pot over 6”Pot 6” and under

                  iiiPot over 6”

             b. Foliage

       5)  Challenge Class

            Chrysanthemum “Mumus gorgicus” distributed at June 2021 meeting

             a. Cut flowering spray

             b. Potted plant

        6)  Propagation Class

             Include date and method of propagation. To be judged as a par class*

               a. From June 24, 2021 workshop

               b. Any other workshop
               c. Other

         7)  Collection of at least 3 different cut specimens.

              To be shown in exhibitor’s own container. To be judged 75% for horticulture,                    25% for artistic effect. Not to exceed 24” in width.

                a. Foliage only
                b. Fruit, seedpods and/or grass

                c. All flowers
                d. Mixed materials

          8)  Collection of 3-5 stems of different genera

               To be shown in exhibitor’s own container. To be judged 75% horticulture, 25%                 for artistic effect.


*Par Class: A class in which entries are judged against perfection rather than each other.


Fall Floral Design Classes


           9) “I’m Free” An arrangement, not to exceed 18” in width. Accessories allowed.


         10) “Barn Dance” An arrangement to be seen from all sides.

         11) Challenge Class Workshop with Wendy Russell.

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