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General Rules

1) All plant material for both Floral Design and Horticulture classes must be correctly identified with the botanical and common name. American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, RHS Index of Garden Plants and Hortus Third are the accepted references.

2) Entries will be accepted for registration, grooming and passing at the time specified in the Schedule and must be passed and in place and remain in place until the end of the meeting.

3) The exhibitor must remain with the exhibit until it is passed. The exhibitor may not touch the exhibit once it is passed.

4) Plant material on the State conservation list may be shown only if propagated and grown by the exhibitor and accompanied by a 3X5 card stating that it has not been wild-collected and stating the method of propagation.

5) Live animals (including fish), taxidermy and bird nests are not permitted.

Endangered species plants may not be used in shows.
The following endangered plants are included*:

All Lycopodium
All orchids (native)       Orchidaceae family
All Trillium                     Trillium genus
Trailing Arbutus            Epigaea repens
Pitcher plant                  Saracenia purpurea 

  *unless grown in exhibitor’s own garden

Invasive and Noxious Weeds on the Pennsylvania State List are not permitted.
The following invasive plants are included:

Cannabis sativa                             marijuana
Carduus nutans                              musk thistle, nodding thistle
Cirsium arvense                              Canadian thistle
Cirsium vulgare                               bull thistle, spear thistle
Datura stramonium                         jimsonweed
Galega officinalis                            goatsrue
Heracleum mantegazzianum        giant hogweed
Lythrum salicaria                             purple loosestrife
Polygonum perfoliatum                  mile-a-minute
Pueraria Montana, P. lobata          kudzu-vine
Rosa multiflora                                 multiflora rose
Sorghum bicolor                               shattercane
Sorghum halepense                        johnsongrass

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