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Meeting Minutes


Meeting of The Weeders

January 10, 2017

Meadowbrook Farm


On a wintry Tuesday morning, thirty-seven Weeders braved detours and threat of sleet to enjoy coffee and creative breakfast fare in the dining room of Liddon Pennock’s house at Meadowbrook Farm.  Pennock left Meadowbrook Farm to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and the society manages the house, greenhouses and display gardens. A sign at the entrance drive, “Closed for Private Event,” lent an air of exclusivity to the morning’s events.
Promptly at 10:05am, President Jackie Burke called the meeting to order in the main living room, which while configured with chairs in rows theater-style showcased the furnishings and decorative elements of the Pennock’s home.  She thanked the day’s chair, Diane McCallister, and hostesses Melissa Bullitt and Lynn Gibbons.  She welcomed our newest member Jeanne May and guests of Sandy Cadwalader (Estelle Alexander) and Lorraine Wallace (Christine Cacioppo)
Jackie announced the death of Marjorie Frazier who recently celebrated her 100th birthday and had been a Weeder for 67 years.  She was a noted flower arranger and served the club as delegate and corresponding secretary.  In 1995, she received the Biddle Award for her work at Strafford Station and her work behind the scenes on club projects was acknowledged in 2009 with the Trusty Trowel.  Jackie recalled that Marj had a reputation for being very direct and at meetings always sat in the front row where she might be heard asking whoever was talking to “speak up.”
As part of a tribute to Marj, Jackie read a letter from Cindy Pierce, her neighbor on Steeplechase Road in Devon.  (Cindy was unable to attend the meeting because of a broken foot.)  It was a heartfelt and moving tribute to a woman who had a fondness for birds and dogs, loved the outdoors, and readily shared her affection for the Weeders.
Moving on to business, the December minutes were accepted as distributed by the secretary, and treasurer, Nancy Evans, announced the results of the Christmas sale - $1,337.  Currently, the checking account balance stands at $3,631. and the Vanguard account balance is $32,228.  Our income covers our established commitments and projects but not special appeals.  Last year we gave away approximately $13,000 and we cannot sustain that level of outflow without increasing our income.  The finance committee has met to review situation and Nancy urged all Weeders to think about “how we want to spend our money.”
Following up on this theme, Jackie talked of the possibility of a spring fund raiser and passed around a clipboard with a sign-up sheet for those interested in considering creative and fun ways to raise funds.
The bylaws have been reviewed.  There are proposed changes, for example to the admissions procedure, and a word document will be sent to the membership outlining the changes as soonas possible. Hopefully we can  vote on these changes at the next meeting.
Committee Announcements:
Awards – Patricia Doolittle, in absentia, requested that Weeders be thinking of potential recipients of the Morton Award.
Horticulture – Diane McCallister announced a winter workshop, “Elves, Critters and a Few Fairies,” to be held at her house on Friday, February 3rd.  She can accommodate only ten so a sign-up sheet was passed around for those interested in this horticultural mid-winter creative fun.  Participants are to bring scissors, tweezers and a glue gun.
Photography – Melissa Bullitt reminded members of the Spring Photography Show, with a deadline for entries on April 1st.  The theme is “Lights, Camera, Fashion!” and there are three classes:  Color Shift, Calvin Kleen and Tea Time.  Please consult the schedule for more information.  Melissa is planning a workshop on a Wednesday in February; Nancy Evans will be the hostess. Stay tuned.
PCGCA – Sonya Driscoll congratulated the Weeders on their generous contributions to the Fertilizer Fund.  She is happy to receive donations from those who have not yet participated.
Pot-Luck Supper – The fifth annual pot-luck supper is scheduled for Thursday, January 19th at Lorraine Wallace’s in Gladwyne.  All Weeders have received invitations.  Guests are welcome.  Please respond.
Scholarship – Regina Wagner spoke about GCA’s Hull Award that recognizes those whose programs on matters of GCA interest have an influence on young people, 16 and under.  She noted GCA seems to prefer programs with an impact on a large number of youngsters and that science teachers are often among those honored.
Conservation – Biddie Edwards spoke of flooding from an extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the impact on Valley Forge.  The road does not drain properly and storms flood Valley Stream contributing to problems at Washington’s Headquarters.
Program – Karen Doyle is planning a committee meeting in February and will notify members of the date by email.
The meeting adjourned at 10:30am.
Meeting Chair Diane McCallister then introduced the speaker, Jenny Rose Carey, Director of Meadowbrook Farm.  The topic was Shade Gardens, the subject of Jenny’s recent book Success With Shade Gardening, soon to be published by Timber Press.

Maria M. Thompson, Secretary

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