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Meeting Minutes


The Weeders Meeting, Minutes

May 14, 2019

The Gallagher Party Barn, Devon


6:00pm                                    Evening Cocktails and Picnic with Spouses/Guests

6:00                          Photography Entries Display

7:30                          Announcements

7:45                          Talk by Sami Kadim, GM & Brewer, McKenzie’s Brewhouse



Lorraine opened the meeting at 7:30pm with a big thanks to Heather & Kevin Gallagher for the use of their “Party Barn” to hold our meeting. It was a perfect setting, and everyone hopes to return for future meetings!!


Also, a big thanks to Meeting Chairs Marilyn Sprague & Sally Wood and to Hostesses Lloyd Brown, Julie DeVuono, Nancy Holmes, Jen Fryberger, Jeanne May, Ellyn Spragins & Lorraine Wallace. Well done and what a spread of food! Kudos to Kevin Gallagher for grilling the brats and to Julie & Jeff DeVuono for organizing the valet parking with son Jack & Friends!


Thanks, also to Melissa Bullitt for organizing the Photography Show. 


Guests: Sharon Herman, Stepmother of Jen Fryberger




Review of the April 2019 Minutes:  Motion to accept, seconded, and approved


Vote on By-Laws – Changes to the by-laws were distributed by email to all members on April 17, 2019 for review, giving notice that a vote would be taken to seek approval of the changes at tonight’s meeting.  A motion to accept the bylaws as presented was made, motion seconded and all approved. 


New Member Introductions – With so many new Weeders among us, Marilyn Sprague took the opportunity to welcome each new member with a short introduction of their background and interests.  New members introduced were Tamra Adams, Pam Bagby, Monica Church, Laura Reidel, Laura Carpenter, Melissa Schweiter & Anne Marble. Welcome aboard!


Fertilizer Fund – Marilyn Sprague reminded everyone of the work day scheduled at the Urban Tree Connection at 10:00am May 15. 


Horticulture –Michele Bolton announced that the Challenge Plant for the October Flower show is available for sale outside the barn.  See her after the program if you would like to purchase one.


Bus Trip for Annual Meeting – Cheryl Cheston & Karen Doyle updated the group on plans for the June 11th Annual Meeting.  It has changed from a bus trip to Delaware to a bus trip to Winterthur.  A sign-up sheet was passed around and more information will be sent soon.


Photography:  Melissa Bullitt, Photography Chair, announced the winners of the Photography Show, which was judged the day before. 


Melissa thanked all who entered our photography show, including several new entrants! She felt we had a successful show and the judges who judged the show were very impressed with all our wonderful photos and the thought that goes into naming the classes.


For those of you who were unable to attend Tuesday’s meeting, here are the results:


Photography Show results May 14, 2019

“Philadelphia Stories”


Class 1- It’s Always sunny in Philadelphia (Photograph of plant material that sheds an

interesting light on the subject)

1st- Nancy Holmes

2nd- Taddy Dawson

3rd- Nancy Evans


Class 2- Newly Minted (Photograph of plant material that is tender, just sprouted or newly



1st- Taddy Dawson

2nd- Nancy Holmes

3rd- Nancy Evans

HM- Melissa Bullitt


Class 3- The Main line (Photograph of plant material featuring a rhythmic line)

1st- Nancy Evans

2nd- Melissa Bullitt

3rd- Ellyn Spragins

HM- Taddy Dawson


Class 4- The Blue route (root) (photograph that captures the beauty of roots)

1st- Taddy Dawson (BEST IN SHOW)

2nd- Nancy Evans

3rd- Nancy Holmes



Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy H Holmes

Recording Secretary



SPEAKER:  Sami Kadhim, GM & Brewer at McKenzie’s Brewhouse

                                    “The Botany of Beer”


Nancy Holmes introduced our speaker, Sami Kadhim from McKenzie’s’ Brewhouse, who provided us with an interesting talk on “The Botany of Beer”.  A tasting of several different beers was provided for members to enjoy.


And, our very own Melissa Bullitt provided a short presentation on “Home Brewing”.

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