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Spring Flower Show

April 13, 2021


Please read the Flower Show Rules


Horticulture Classes

  1. Cut Flowering Branch, not to exceed 24”

       a. Forced

       b. Other

  2. Flowering Herbaceous Perennial (Non-Bulbous) – Cut specimen

       a. Helleborus

       b .Other


  3. Flowering Bulbs – Other than narcissus. Foliage is to be attached to flower stem

                                    if it occurs naturally on stem, as with Tulips. (Note “bulbs”                                                  include bulbs, tubers, corms and rhizomes.)

  4. Narcissus (Each class is subdivided into Single and Multiple Stems)   

       a.Petals white and cup white

       b.Petals white, cup yellow

       c.Petals white, cup other (bicolor, orange, etc.)

       d.Petals yellow, cup yellow

       e.Petals yellow, cup white

        f.Petals yellow, other (bicolor, orange, etc.)


  5. Challenge Classes

       a. Narcissus ‘Las Vegas’ (Division I; Trumpet daffodil)

       b. Narcissus ‘Cassata’ (Division 11, Split Corona daffodil)


  6. Propagation Class – Plant from any prior workshop Include date and method of                                               propagation. To be judged as a par class*

       a. Houseplant

       b. Woody plant


  7. A collection of at least 3 different cut foliage specimens from your garden.

      To be shown in exhibitor’s own container. To be judged 70% for horticulture, 30%

      for artistic effect.


  8. Challenge Houseplant – Asplenium nidus, Bird’s Nest Fern




Floral Design Classes




   9. “May Day”   A spring arrangement. Not to exceed 18” in width.


 10. “Cinque de Mayo” A design not to exceed 18” in width. Accessories permitted.


 11. “Memorial Day”  A picnic table arrangement. Not to exceed 24” in width.



*Par Class: A class in which entries are judged against perfection rather than each other.