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Spring Flower Show

May10, 2022

“Footloose and Fancy Free”

Please read the Flower Show Rules


Horticulture Classes

  1.     1)  Cut Flowering Branch, not to exceed 24”

  2.          a. Viburnums

  3.          b. Other

  4.      2)  Flowering Herbaceous Perennial (Non Bulbous) — Cut specimen

  5.      3)  Flowering Bulbs Cut specimen — Foliage is to be attached to the flower stem if it             occurs naturally on the stem, as with Tulips.

  6.            a. Bulbs
               b. Corms
               c. Tubers
               d. Rhizomes

  7.      4)  Challenge Class Cut specimen
               a. N. Albus Plenus Odoratus, Division 13, (formerly Division 4)

  8.            b. N. Cheerfulness, Division 4

  9.      5)  Propagation Class — Plant from any prior workshop

  10.           Include date and method of propagation. To be judged as a par class.*

  11.           a. Houseplant

  12.           b. Woody plant

  13.           c. Herbaceous


  15.       6)  A collection of at least 3 different cut foliage specimens from your garden. To be             shown in exhibitor’s own container.
               To be judged 75% for horticulture, 25% for artistic effect.

  16.            a. Foliage
               b. Flowering

  17.            c. Mixed


  19.        7)  Challenge Houseplant

  20.              Sinningia ‘Prudence Risley’ distributed at September 2021 meeting



Floral Design Classes


“Footloose and Fancy Free”

  1.         8)  “Fancy Free”

                  A miniature arrangement in a fancy container, not to exceed 9” in any direction.


  3.         9)  “Almost Paradise”

                 An arrangement inspired by the movie Footloose, not to exceed 24” in width.                   Accessories permitted.


  5.        10)  “It Takes Two”

                    Team arrangement using a pair of shoes.

                     Entrants are encouraged to have a less experienced Weeder participate with                   a more experienced Weeder.

                    To be judged as a pair.


   9. “May Day”   A spring arrangement. Not to exceed 18” in width.


 10. “Cinque de Mayo” A design not to exceed 18” in width. Accessories permitted.


 11. “Memorial Day”  A picnic table arrangement. Not to exceed 24” in width.



*Par Class: A class in which entries are judged against perfection rather than each other.

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